Bunker Septic Systems



Although there are several ways to deal with septic issues in the bunkers (12v gray-water evacuation pumps and composting toilets); our bunker septic systems are by far the most reliable solution. These gravity flow systems use a traditional wet toilet and rarely need to be cleaned out. This system provides the same comfort of home with the added dependability of gravity flow septic systems.

Normal septic systems will not work for underground facilities such as bunkers. The septic system needs to be at a lower depth then a bunker in order for it to operate properly. A normal septic system cannot withstand the weight of being that far below the surface and will collapse.

Our Bunker Septic Systems are designed to be buried at depths of the water table and will not allow for ground water to penetrate the bunker septic system . Normal septic systems are not designed to withstand the water table and would not be able to function at the depths required for a bunker septic system.

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