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Our 8000 square foot Bio Bunker is a luxurious complex underground with a completely customizable floor plan. If you want a fitness gym, game room or even a grow room whatever it is that you want or need we can meet those specifications.  This particular unit comes standard with Blast Doors, NBC Air Filtration w/Blast Valves and over pressure, Full kitchen including a double sink, Shelving for food storage, Water Pressure Pump, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Septic System, Water Filtration, 12 Volt LED Lighting, Solar Generating Charging System with Battery Supply, 12 Volt TV/DVD combo, Fresh Water Inlet, 120/240 Volt Inlet, Staircase Handrail, Painted Interior and 150 year coating on the exterior and a Motor Cave completely up to your specifications. There are no added costs to design this bunker as you see fit to meet your needs. Installation is included with this particular bunker anywhere in the continental U.S.

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Class Information

Price: $4,200,000
Size: Custom Size