Strength where it counts!

Rising S Steel Bunkers are built from high quality plate steel and structural metals on the market today. This makes the entire underground shelter extremely rigid and strong, unlike shelters from many of our competitors. No matter how and where pressure is applied; the steel exoskeleton frame used in our engineering adds tremendous strength to the structure while distributing weight and pressure across the entire structure. There is no chance of a structural “weak spot” and these bunkers will not collapse under weight or unexpected changes in the earth.

Quality the lasts for generations

When treated with our durable exterior coating, steel shelters have very little maintenance issues and last much longer than the other options. It will not crack, collapse, mildew or mold. Steel will expand and contract as the ground changes with temperature fluctuations. Rising S shelters are installed to be underground leaving no 3 ft hill in the middle of your yard. Completely burying the shelter adds unmatchable safety to our already strong product by insulating the unit from wind borne objects and high winds.

Raw steel is the only material that goes into the construction of our bunkers and shelters. No wood to mold or rot… no sheet rock, no plastic. Every internal wall, door and beam is made from steel. Each of these walls contributes greatly in adding additional internal strength to the unit. Rising S bunkers won’t twist, bend or torque with shifting ground. We make one of the only earthquake -safe shelters on the market. There is nothing stronger and nothing better.

Layout Customization

Every shelter we build is constructed with one primary thing in mind… the client! We pride ourselves on our fabrication abilities and we offer each customer the opportunity to customize the layout specifically to their liking. Do you think that you want more storage and less beds; No Problem! These bunkers can be as large or as small as you want. No task is too large for the experts at Rising S!

We employ only the most trustworthy steel workers and welders. Our staff has decades of experience and an intimate understanding of how quality underground shelters are constructed. They are like-minded individuals (preppers) that are also preparing their own families for tomorrow. We can not only build the shelter to be safe, but we build it to your exact specifications, making it as comfortable as your living room and as safe as a vault. In a situation that calls for your family to take refuge in a shelter, you don’t want to worry about mold, mildew or possible collapse. You want the safest and least problematic shelter, you want the best – you want a Rising S shelter.


 RSC steel bunkers undergo a stringent quality inspection

 RSC steel bunkers are often times more affordable than other manufacturers

 RSC steel bunkers won’t crack during the dry/wet seasons

 RSC steel bunkers can be buried at ANY depth.

 RSC steel bunkers are earthquake safe

 RSC steel bunkers are coated with an exterior waterproof coating ensuring the shelter will last for generations.

 RSC steel bunkers use electromagnetic cathodic technology to prevent rust

 RSC steel bunkers have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

 RSC steel bunkers are built by like-minded preppers who value your confidentiality

 RSC steel bunkers are designed, built, delivered, and installed by Rising S Company (RSC) ONLY

 RSC steel bunkers can be designed to withstand any caliber firearm

 RSC steel bunkers are built with space utilization and storage in mind

 RSC steel bunkers are only built from the highest grade materials

 RSC steel bunkers are built from engineered designs

 RSC steel bunkers WILL act as your first line of defense during a time of chaos