As the popularity of prepping and survival grows there will be many bunkers companies come and go. Many of these companies are in for a quick buck and then rapidly move on. When buying a bunker, beware of imitators.

When choosing a bunker manufacturer make sure and ask how long they have been in business. The ones with the “get rich quick” mentality likely were formed in 2012 at the height of the prepper movement and will likely be gone when the wind changes direction leaving you high and dry with no one to contact if a problem arises. These companies will often mimic the more reputable and seasoned bunker companies offering the same amenities and floor plan sizes at lower prices because they lack what it takes to be a leader and an innovator and only have the ability to copy others products without the knowledge of why something is a certain way or if it needs to be built differently given your specific scenario.

Things to look for when choosing a bunker manufacturer are the lack of installation or fabrication photographs which could show they have not built or installed many units or a poorly designed website which may indicate they do not have the funding to operate as a reputable business should. The last thing you want is for someone to take your deposit and quickly close up shop.

Security is the ultimate goal and much like a home builder you won’t be happy utilizing the skills of a rookie in the business. These newcomers will make rookie mistakes that can lead to the loss of life for you or your loved ones and sadly they won’t care as long as the “quick buck” is made. These companies will often boast that they build “The Ultimate Bunker” when in fact they have no idea of what it takes to keep you and your loved ones secure when the time comes.

Rising S Company is and always has been a manufacturer of steel underground shelters and bunkers. We utilize state of the art equipment, the latest design technology and engineered designs to keep you safe. We have the experience to see that you have what you both want and need without having to copy what other manufacturers are doing while using the highest quality materials with the most stringent quality control in the industry. Please remember as the economic times around us quickly deteriorate that we are all in this together, Rising S Bunkers is a like-minded Christian owned company that not only builds bunkers but delivers and installs as well giving you the utmost in security.