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Bomb Shelter Questions Answered
03 May 2021

Bomb Shelter Questions Answered

One of the most insidious threats currently faced by American families is the potential for a nuclear threat executed against the U.S. by terrorists and other foreign enemies. A nuclear blast is an explosion that includes intense heat, blinding light, an incredibly damaging pressure wave, fires resulting from thermal radiation, and secondary fires that arise from the destruction. People lucky enough to survive the initial blast of the nuclear explosion face further hazards from the widespread dissemination of radioactive material that contaminates the air, water, and ground for miles surrounding the detonation site.

How Do I Protect Myself and My Family From a Nuclear Blast?

Unlike Cold War threats of the past, modern terrorism is highly unpredictable, meaning the only way to provide your family with the chance for surviving a nuclear blast is by constructing an underground bomb shelter. This is an enclosed, fortified room designed to protect you from the side effects of a nuclear threat, from shielding the initial blast wave to offering air filtration to preventing radioactive fallout causing serious health issues or death. While blast shelters and fallout shelters offer some protection against the effects of a nuclear blast, only an underground bomb shelter is equipped to completely protect your family.

Where Should My Underground Bomb Shelter Be Located?

Depending on the size, location of the blast, weather conditions, and your property’s distance from ground zero, you may have anywhere from a few hours to only a few minutes to move your family to a secure location following a nuclear explosion. Convenience saves lives in these events, so installing the bomb shelter as close to your home as possible is the ideal location, preferably in the backyard or beneath a garage or patio. It must be situated deep enough into the ground to create a minimum 36-inch barrier between the ground’s surface and the shelter to offer optimal protection over extended periods of time.

How Long Can We Survive in a Bomb Shelter?

Following a nuclear explosion, your family should remain sheltered for a minimum of four days, but sometimes several weeks, if your property is located within a few miles of the impact site. The closer you are to ground zero, the more intense the effects and the higher the levels of radioactive fallout you are at risk of exposure to, so the longer you must remain sheltered. With proper supplies and air filtration, you can survive in an underground bomb shelter for months.

Rising S Bunkers Is Your Premiere Source for American-Made Bomb Shelters

If you are interested in installing a bomb shelter on your property, contact Rising S Bunkers today to learn more about our options. We are proud to be the country’s largest manufacturer of underground bunkers, safe rooms, and storm shelters and offer state-of-the-art engineering to keep your family safe during nuclear disasters.

Unlike many competing companies who purchase imported products to maximize their bottom line, we refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of improving our profit margins and build all of our products right here in the USA. All of our products are comprised of 100% steel and fabricated by skilled craftsmen passionate about delivering your family the highest quality security solutions. We can customize your bunker to meet your unique needs and your property’s specifications and offer a wide variety of options for plumbing and electrical systems, as well as amenities to provide comfort during frightening situations.

Our NBC air filtration system removes over 99% of airborne particles like pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, and chemical weapons such as nerve agents, blister agents, and blood/choking agents. We also offer a range of formidable security and defense options, including surveillance systems, doors with bulletproof glass, pepper spray portals, electronic access that allows only authorized individuals to enter, and blast valves to protect the shelter from the impact of sudden changes in outside air pressure. 

Contact Rising S Bunkers by visiting our website. When you hire us for your security solution, we will design, build, ship, and install your bomb shelter with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring your family is completely prepared to confront any future uncertainties.


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