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Why Can Concrete Storm Shelters Be A Risky Idea

Concrete is incredibly strong in most cases.  We see it used it in so many facets of our life, we naturally assume it must be the safest material available.  There is no shortage of examples where concrete has been intended for burial.  Drainage pipes and storm drains, home basements and foundations and yes ; even shelters. However, when building structures intended for burial, concrete may not be your best choice.  There is also no shortage of examples of concrete failing due to shifting earth and changing temperatures.

As temperatures fluctuate in the earth, the ground swells and contracts.  This puts incredible force and added pressure on any buried structure.  Because of concrete’s rigid nature, the subsequent result of shifting earth is cracking.  After the concrete is cracked, new problems quickly follow.  Moisture will soon start to seep into the shelter from the surrounding earth.  As moisture collects and dry over and over – mold can start to appear.  Moisture and mold are two things any shelter owner dreads and combats.

Additionally, the concrete storm shelters used today are basically modified septic tanks.  These units are essentially 2 pieces (top and bottom) that are connected by metal brackets.  So to clarify – the unit is fabricated with a large seam that  wraps around the entire shelter.  This is another point of potential failure in these shelters.

Concrete has many strengths and is a great material to have at our disposal, but make no mistake; there are better materials to use for underground purposes.  Starting with steel fabrication will ensure that your shelter is never affected by leaks, moisture, cracking or mold.  Steel will expand and contract with the changing temperatures ensuring that it will last for generations to come.  Steel storm shelters are maintenance free and built to be much stronger than concrete shelters.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that concrete is the way to go for storm shelters.  See what Rising S can offer you with our steel products.  You’l be impressed!

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