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Rising S Company recently received correspondence from an unsuspecting American citizen trying to protect his family. Brand XXX bunker builder took advantage of his kindness and trust and in return he got the raw end of a bad situation. Here are a few excerpts from that conversation with names being removed.

Customer X – “I’m in Ohio, I contacted you once before about a bunker I had bought and the guy left it stuck in the hole,damaged our property and the unit, then left it unfinished, cockeyed in a hole that was too small for it to fit into.”

Rising S Company – “What company did you buy the bunker from? Sorry, I don’t recall that conversation, you must have spoken to someone else here. Also sorry to hear about that mishap you had to go through. All of our work is done right. You should have came to us.”

Customer X –  “I found another company,unfortunately, and got screwed. **** ******* from ******* Bunkers is who left me screwed, I will send a few pics shortly to show his “work”. It cost me over $11000 to remove the unit,excavate the hole so it was big enough, then hook it all up and cover it. He was supposed to have the toilet installed,along with carpet and solar set up. Nothing was done inside,and his .50 caliber proof steel door was actually a cheap,hollow core wood door.”

Customer X – “Heres a few pics of what ******* Bunkers did for me. This is how he left me. Pic of the crane I had to pay twice,that alone was $1600,and the dial caliper shows the 1/4″ (as promised) is actually 1/8″. Also,the door pic clearly shows the door is not steel. No carpet on the floor,and no solar lights were provided,per his contract. He damaged the flange where the hatch assembly bolts to, and believe me,that was an absolute joy to fix. He lied thru the whole process,then tried to sue me. I paid an attorney a $2500 retainer fee. Mr. ******* has not contacted me since he heard from my lawyer,thats been about 2 months ago.”

Customer X – “At this point, I have the solar unit hooked up and working,it was a learning experience for me,but I got it done.I thank you for your help. Now,if I could just win your bunker sweepstakes, I would be very happy!”

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