We pride ourselves on the fact that we customize each bunker to a client’s specific needs.  As an extension of that, we’ve put together a list of things to consider while building and stocking your bunker.


Water is one of the most vital resources you can have so having a great plan for your water supply and it’s replenishment is important.  Here are a few items that we think you might find useful in your planning.


There are quite a few upgrade options available to you when designing your bathroom layout. Custom sinks, showers, tubs, medicine cabinets and more! Take a look and consider the possibilities.


Kitchens are place where you can make your bunker feel more like home.  Our kitchens typically include standard sinks, steel shelving or cabinets and water filtration. However there are a lot of things available to you that might improve the room.  This is a great place to start.


Our typical bunkers have a steel floor painted white. One of the most common ways to “warm up” your bunker interior is  upgrading with carpet.  We have a constantly changing rotation of carpet options you may want to check out.


Many customers elect to camouflage the entrance of their bunker.  We’ve done this in lots of various ways but there are a few methods most commonly taken. We’ve included links to the most popular methods.


Although our doors are all custom built from plate steel and stronger than the average door; the locking systems are operated manually. Even if you upgrade to our security door, you’ll still be activating the deadbolt system by hand. However there are several electronic options available to take security to another level. Electromagnetic locks, electronic key pads , RFID card access and bio metric fingerprint verification can be installed at access points as well.


Although buying your bunker is an important step toward being prepared for the worst, it’s probably not the last step in your journey.  From stocking your bunker with food and equipping yourself for maintaining your resources to having redundant parts for repairs, this page can help you start thinking about further steps of readiness and self reliance.