Enemy cyber threat growing warn security experts The ability of Israel’s enemies to target civilians and members of the armed forces with cyber attacks is growing, security experts have warned. In August, the Israeli ClearSky cyber-security company uncovered a Hamas phony and irremovable rocket-alert application, which, if downloaded, can take over a smartphone and access […]

‘Sanctions could trigger war,’ Iran issues chilling warning amid angry CLASHES This ominous move is doomed to have serious repercussions for regional and international peace and security Ali Akbar Salehi Hundreds of diplomats gathered at the IAEA’s headquarters in Vienna for the nuclear watchdog’s annual meeting, during which time they discussed the landmark Joint Comprehensive […]

Florence bringing ‘catastrophic’ flooding, mudslides deep into North Carolina CLOSE NEW BERN, N.C. – Rivers approached record flood stage and more than 680,000 utility customers were without power Sunday as North Carolina struggled under the crushing fury of Florence, the mighty hurricane diminished to a tropical depression but still pounding the region with unrelenting rain.

Putin’s threat to attack US troops MOSCOW has threatened the US with direct assaults on its troops in Syria as it prepares to assist President Assad in his final push to defeat pro-democracy rebels in that country. Pro-Assad Syrian troops, supported by Iranian and Russian forces, have begun their assault on the last rebel stronghold, […]

Russia accuses the Trump administration of using threats and blackmail to stop an upcoming offensive in Syria Russian officials lashed out at Washington Tuesday for threatening to bomb Syria if the Assad government uses chemical weapons during a planned offensive in the province of Idlib. On Monday, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton […]