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Rising S Bunkers is America’s biggest manufacturer of ALL steel underground bunkers, storm shelters, safe rooms, blast doors, and bomb shelters. We lead the industry in innovation and engineering underground shelters. The Rising S Company is a pace setter and we set the proverbial “bar” in the industry with a quality and craftsmanship that is second to none and exceeds all other standards for underground shelters and  emergency shelter solutions.

9350 State Hwy 31 E, Murchison, TX 75778
Sales: (214) 455-0560
Sales: bunkerfilters@gmail.com
Media Request: (214) 455-0560
Rising S Comapny Japanese Office




電話       (050)-5534-1512

携帯      090-6361-1121

住所        東京都港区麻布十番3-13-4


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