Rising S Bunkers is having an awesome doomsday giveaway in 2014. We will be holding several contest throughout the year and we will be giving away the following doomsday prizes.

Enter to win a free bunker in our doomsday contest!

The bunker is 10×30 and is equipped with all the essentials you will need to live “off the grid”.  The fallout shelter will include an NBC Air Filtration System, Blast Valve, 12v Solar Panel System, Water Filtration, Infrared Security System. Amenities will include a full kitchen area, alcohol burning stove, full-size staircase entry, security door, escape hatch, LED lighting, 12v TV/DVD unit, composting toilet, tankless water heater and full shower. The fallout shelter will be large enough to sleep 4 people.

How to Win prizes in the Contest

Our doomsday contest is easy. The first thing you need to do, is pick out a contest to enter (or enter multiple). You can enter the contest through the forms found on the page. After you have entered using the forms, you will be given a specialized link. You are to share that link everywhere that someone might see it. The more people click on your link, the more entries you will receive. If people who click your link enter the contest, you will receive additional entries. At the end of the contest, whoever has the most entries wins. We will tally up the entries on December 15th.

How to get the best chance of winning

Share everywhere someone might click your link. Don’t stop at one share! The more you share your link, the higher the chance you will have of winning. Make sure you share your link in a place people will see it and want to click on; otherwise you may be wasting your time. Continue throughout the duration of the doomsday sweepstakes and you could be well on your way to winning some great doomsday gear.

Win the Doomsday Contest – Tips and Tricks

  • • Don’t share it just once, remember the one who has the most entries wins!
  • • Social media is a great place to start (facebook, google+, twitter, pintrest etc)
  • • Share your link anywhere you think people would be interested
  • • Think outside the box when finding places to share. Think of where like minded individuals gather.
  • • Creating an interesting or funny video is a great way to get your link clicked
  • • Use your connections. Know a website owner? Know someone who works on a website?
  • • Forums are a great place to share your link
  • • Don’t be spammy! Make sure you follow the rules of the website you are posting to.
  • • Blogs are a great place to insert links. Start at these places: top prepper blogs, survival blogs, green living blogs.
  • • Writing great blog articles that engages viewers can gain a boat load of followed links.
  • • Don’t forget to bump, if your strategy includes comments or forums, remember to bump them every once in a while to keep it on top
  • • Text your friends. Sending out text messages directly to your friends will increase the chance they will click the link.
  • • Email your contact list.
  • • Include it in your signature. Forums, emails, text messages will allow you to include a link.
  • • Try html to use for your link to make it more presentable.
  • • Don’t stop! To have the best chances of winning, keep sharing your link throughout the duration of the contest.