Win the NBC Air Filtration Contest

We will be holding 4 separate contest so you can increase your chances of winning an NBC air filtration unit. Each unit is valued at $6,500.

What is a NBC Air Filtration System?

An NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical)  air filtration system can help protect your air supply from toxic contaminants in the air. This NBC air filtration system is manufactured right here at the Rising S Bunker facility. We use the three most effective methods of air filtration to ensure you have the greatest range of protection.  This air filtration unit can filter out 99.999% of toxic contaminates from the air.

How does an NBC Air Filtration System work?

Air from the outside is pulled into a ventilation duct where it enters a ULPA filter. The ULPA filter removed 99.999% of pollen, dust, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles 120 nano-meters or larger. That includes nuclear fallout dust particles and other airborne microorganisms such as toxic mold and other spores. The next filter the air passes through is a ULPA filter then an activated Charcoal Filter. This type of filter is the same type of filter that the military uses. This versatile carbon filter is designed to protect against weapons the government list as potential threats to homeland security; such as nerve agents, blister agents and blood/chocking agents). The air will also pass through a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. A HEPA filter is capable of filtering out 99.97% of particles that have a size of .3 micrometers.

 Enter to Win your NBC Air Filtration System

We are having 4 contest, so you have 4 different chances to win a NBC air filtration system!

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