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blast valve is used to regulate extreme fluctuations in air pressure primary caused by a nearby detonation.  If you are in a bunker, storm shelter or safe room and you don’t have a blast valve, if there is a nearby detonation you will not be safe. A blast can cause a shock wave that can create a rapid change of air pressure that can easily cause injury to a person or even death. A blast valve is the solution to that problem. A nuclear detonation can create a shock wave that causes a sudden change of pressure more then 15 lbs per square inch. This shock wave can go many miles away from the point of detonation. After the shock wave passes, it will be followed by a sudden change of negative pressure.

How does a blast valve work?

A blast valve is placed in the air intake and exhaust pipes. During a normal condition the blast valves remain open. If there is a extreme pressure present, the spring loaded valves automatically close when strong pressure is applied in either direction.

Illustration that shows how our blast valves work.

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