Doomsday Bunker Contest

Rising S Company is having a bunker contest to give out a free fully loaded bunker to one dedicated contestant in our Doomsday Sweepstakes. This bunker is valued at $155,000! The bunker is a 10×30 and will be fully equipped to help you be prepared for a wide variety of doomsday possibilities. This underground bunker will include all the necessities to help your family become an “off the grid” family when you need to. Your family could never have to pay an utility bill never again! This fallout shelter will include a NBC air filtration system, two blast valves, 12V solar panel system, a water purification system, and an infrared security system. The underground bunker includes amenities such as a full kitchen with alcohol burning cook top stove, a full size stair case entry, standard security door, an escape hatch, LED lighting, 12V TV/DVD, composting toilet, a tankless water heater and a full shower. This survival shelter is large enough to comfortably sleep 4 people.

This bunker contest is a sharing contest. After you sign up for the contest, you will be provided a specialized link. You then share the link everywhere you think people will see it, and the more clicks you get, the more entries you will receive. On December 15th 2014 the entries will be counted and whoever has the most entries will win the bunker contest!

Bunker Contest Tips

  • Don’t stop at one share
  • Share on more then facebook and social media
  • Share smart- if you put your link in a comment, be sure to bump it up to the top so it doesn’t loose visibility
  • Share on blogs and forums
  • A well written guest blog article can generate a lot of clicks
  • Try prepper websites, survivalist websites to get links
  • Use connections you may have with website owners
  • Get creative! Spend some time to think about the most effective way of putting your link out there that no one else will even consider.