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Safe rooms from Rising S is the perfect solution for your home security needs. They are also a great alternative to an underground storm shelter. People often want a safe room because it is a secure place you can go in the event of a home invasion. A safe room installed inside your home can increase the equity you have in your home while being the best last line of defense. A safe room from Rising S are always constructed of bullet resistant steel. They are bolted down to your foundation to ensure that they will not overturn or even uplift, even if the rest of your home has collapsed. Safe rooms (aka panic rooms) are built to withstand extreme winds and debris that could destroy your home.

More about Safe Rooms from Rising S

Safe rooms from Rising S Bunkers can be built to e customized for your specific needs. They can even include a blast valve, an air filtration system, escape tunnels, infrared cameras, and even secret entrances. If your budget allows, a safe room can be as big and comfortable as you desire.

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