Win our Solar Contest in our Doomsday Sweepstakes!

Rising S Bunkers is giving away two solar power systems. The systems are valued at $2,500 each and will include a 12v battery, solar panel and charge controller.

Why everyone needs solar

We all need to have some type of redundant backup for energy, and solar is the best choice. Our power grid is aging and we will soon be having to face that fact. The U.S. power grid is very vulnerable to terror attack, natural disasters and being overwhelmed by high usage. The best energy back up you can have is solar. The sun provides a limitless amount of free energy, and all you need is a solar power system to tap into that. Rising S Bunkers is giving away two solar units to two determined contestants.  If you would like to learn more about our solar and why every American family needs one, see our article in our bunker blog.

Solar Contest

You will have two chances to win our solar contest. Enter the solar contest 1 or solar contest 2. You will receive a special unique link that you should share everywhere you think someone would be interested in our solar contest.  A place where people might be interested in our solar power contest might be top 50 green blog sites. You can also google self sufficient living, self reliance living, off-the-grid and other related terms to find countless websites of people who would love to click your link. The more people enter the contest through your link will also significantly boost your chance of winning our solar contest.

Solar Contest #1 Entry | Solar Contest #2 Entry