Win our Ultra Violet Water Purification System Contest!

We are giving away a UV water purification system. This system will allow you get get clean water from tainted water sources such as lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. Every person in the world needs a water purification system because there is no guarantee that clean drinkable water will always be available.

Why is clean water an issue?

Having clean drinkable water is a concerned felt around the world. Some people believe that our clean, fresh drinking water supply is the biggest crisis we are facing today. Most major municipal water systems are dependent on the power grid to operate. The instability of our nation’s power grid will prove to be a huge issue in the coming years. Our water infrastrucure is old and  in need of repair. With the nations economic issue, our water infrastructure (along with most other infrastructures) have been put on the back burner. We will see more water contamination occur because of cracks in waterlines caused by age and old technology. Recently in the news we where made aware of West Virginia’s water crisis. That crisis was caused by an industrial company storing a toxic chemical near a river. The container used to store it was old and in need of repair. The leak caused 300,000 to have water that wasn’t even fit to do laundry in. We are also seeing videos of flammable tap water, with fingers pointed to industrial fracking. If you would like to learn more about water problems we face, read our article about water purification.

Tips and Tricks to Win our Water Purification System

This water purification contest is a sharing contest. After using one (or all) of the entries listed below, you will receive a custom link(s). Share that link in as many places and whoever has the most people click their link will win. You can also receive bonus entries when someone enters the contest using your link. You can share your link anywhere the internet permits. Facebook, youtube, google+, and other social media websites. Other great places would be forums and blog sites. Writing blog articles can be a great place to get your link out there. Also, don’t forget the power of videos of sharing your link!

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