Why Every American Family Needs a Solar Power System

Why every American family needs a solar power system

As the most widely available energy source on the planet, the sun provides a limitless opportunity to power our lives. Every minute enough energy hits the earth from the sun to create energy for the world for an entire year. This energy is free, it’s renewable and it can be harnessed to help you live a more self-reliant life style. 

Why You Need Solar Power Back Up

We can all agree that the world is becoming increasingly more unstable. The weather is becoming more extreme, our economy is hanging on by a thread, and our power grid is based on old technology making it extremely vulnerable to terror attacks.

Power Grid Failure

America is facing an aging power grid infrastructure. The instability of our power grid is almost as severe as our failing economy. Most of our aging power grid components were built in China several decades ago. There have been several incidents of power grid failure that effected millions.  In August of 2003 there was a great blackout that showed how fragile our power grid really is. The problem started in Ohio and within 10 seconds 50 million people were out of power. We are relying too much on technology from the 1960s and 70s; there are even electric transmission lines that actually dates back to the 1880s.

Acts of Terror

Our Power grid is also very vulnerable to acts of terror. There have been several suggested ideas about the severity of the situation that would occur if such an act took place. According to the National Academy of Sciences (which was sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security), our power grid is incredibly vulnerable to an attack which could lead to widespread blackouts for weeks or months.

Severe Weather

Earth quakes, hurricanes, snow storms, thunderstorms and as well as massive solar storms have the power to seriously damage our electrical grid.  To learn more about the effects of solar storms see our page about EMPs.

What would happen if the power grid failed?

The first thing that would happen is mass panic. People would flood the stores to stock up on goods.  Most municipal water systems requires the use of electricity. Most city dwellers would be without water for an extended period of time. Gas stations rely on electric pumps and you could be unable to pump gas. Your debt card might not work, leaving you only able to use cash for your transactions. A power grid failure would challenge or shut down business commerce, communications, mass transportation and supply chains. It would be difficult for goods to be transported from the source to your local grocery store. Many people would be forced to seek refuge in a public relief center. If the power grid where down long enough, we would see similar events occur such as the following of Hurricane Katrina. Any way you would like to paint the picture makes a grim outcome.

Why choose solar as your backup?

Solar power has been around for a long time. Solar power units from the 1970’s are still around and kicking. Many solar power units greatly exceed the manufacture warranty (averaging 20 years).

Solar power is by far a smarter choice rather than a gas powered generator.  Gas powered generators are of course powered by gas. If you were to assume that you would always have access to gas, you would be lying to yourself. If the gas stations can’t pump gas, if you can’t swipe your card, and if it’s not safe to leave your home, all of a sudden your gas powered generator is a giant paper weight. Gas may not always be available but the sun will keep shining.

How does a solar panel system work?

After the solar panels absorb the energy of the sun, it is then sent to a battery backup system where the energy is stored. Connected to the battery will be a charge controller. A charge controller regulates the amount of energy going into the battery to ensure the battery doesn’t become too charged.  This process creates DC power. In order to run AC powered appliances, a power inverter is used to make that possible.


How a simple solar power system works.


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