A bunker from Rising S Bunkers can provide many different functions.

Functionality – A Reason People Buy Bunkers

One of the many reasons some people decide to buy a bunker from us is for its many different functionalities. People use our bunkers for all sorts of reasons. When a bunker isn’t saving us from doom, it should function as something else to make keep it useful in the off season.


Bunkers and other types of shelters provide excellent secure places for storing priceless items. A steel underground bunker provides a storage solution for storing goods for emergency situations. If you are a prepper and you have spent years preparing for a doomsday situation, you need a safe and secure place to store your items.  A steel bunker is not going to burn to a crisp, it won’t blow away in a tornado, it’s airtight so you do not have to be concerned about pest or leaks. An underground emergency shelter from Rising S is often built to be hidden from plain view. Therefore, someone who is looking for to loot your goods would be totally oblivious to its whereabouts. Our bunkers and other shelters can also be outfitted to have advanced electronic access. Underground shelters and bunkers also provide ideal root cellars.

A bunker can provide the safest storage solution.


A bunker is nice quiet place to retreat in a chaotic world like ours. Some people who invest in one of our bunkers like to spend quiet time in their bunkers. Underground bunkers provide an excellent escape from the rowdiness of a home when you really need it. The bunkers can be built to be as comfortable as your home which can be very appealing to a nearby place to getaway.

Reasons people like to getaway to a bunker:

  • Better then sleeping on the couch when your spouse kicks you out the bed.
  • Great place to put your kids new drum set
  • Great place to keep the in-laws when they visit
  • A lot of people find it a nice quiet place to study or read
  • Excellent for prayer, quiet reflections and relaxations

Man Cave

People have actually bought an underground shelter for the purpose of a mancave. They are great for that in the fact that sound doesn’t easily escape an underground bunker. A bunker makes an excellent man cave because it’s very cave like, and that’s way cooler than a garage convert. A bunker that has a second job of being a man cave provide a place you can really escape from the house every day to do whatever it is men do in their caves.

Life Saving Capabilities

In addition to all the useful and fun ways a bunker can be useful, it can may even save your life in the direst of situations.  Bunkers provide the best place to hide from tornadoes, earthquakes, civil unrest, and a number of other threats.

Steel underground bunkers from Rising S Bunkers can keep you safe from tornadoes.

Overall, when a bunker or storm shelter isn’t saving your life it can have so many other features that can add to your quality of life and peace of mind.