Tour a bunker and Explore the Possibilities

When you purchase a bunker/bomb shelter with Rising S Company; we allow the customer to design the floor plan.  Every bunker we build is completely customized to the client’s specific needs and requirements.  Envisioning how much room is available or how the units will look on the inside is difficult to do.  For that reason we have included a few video tours to show you how they look and feel on the inside.  Please feel free to take a tour and see what sets Rising S Company from the rest.

Bunker Tours

Welcome to Rising S

Our 8×12 Mini Bunker

2700 Sq. Foot Mega Bunker

Our 10×40 Bunker

Tour of The 10×50 Silver Leaf Bunker

School Storm Shelter Tour

BunkerTours GunRange

BunkerTour HiddenEntrance

Steel Underground Double Bunker

Underground Bunker Tour – 10×50


Tornado Shelter Installation

Tornado Shelter Installation 2

3D Animated Tours

The 20×80 in The Admiral Series

High Capacity Super Shelter

The Aristocrat

Underground Storm Shelter

Luxury Bunker Tour ” THE PRESIDENTIAL”

Rising S Steel Underground Bunker

Underground Bunker Tour Fortress

Steel Underground Bunker

Factory Tours

Texas Tech Tornado Test

Featured On The Travel Channel

Bunker Mfg

Special Report: Inside A Survival Bunker


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