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On this page you will find pictures of bunkers, safe rooms and bomb shelters. Most of these pictures are from actual installs that were custom tailored to our customers desires. You can have your bunker as elaborate as you wish. There are many features that are available for your bunker including custom bunker cabinetry and NBC Air Filtration Systems.  There are other pictures of bunkers, storm shelters, safe rooms, and bomb shelters through out this website. See the links below to find other pictures of bunkers, bomb shelters and other emergency shelters. Safe Rooms Storm Shelters Layouts and Pricing of Bunkers Video tours of bunkers

Bunker Installation


10’x50′ Bunker

10’x40′ Gun Vault

Just Like Home Bunker


8×12 Mini Bunker


Basement Bunker


860 Square Foot Unit


Bullet Proof Wall For Above Ground Safe Room


Open Shelter


Community / School Shelter


Finished Double Bunker


Our Manufacturing Warehouse


Misc. Pictures


6500 Square Foot Bunker


10X50 Bunker


20’x50′ Double Wide


Deer Stand Cabin Package


2013 Self Reliance Expo


2800 Sq. Foot Bunker


Inside Our Bunkers

This gallery depicts pictures of an actual steel bunkers with some of the features that are available. You will find real pictures of bunkers ordered by our customers.

Tornado Shelters & Safe Rooms

Here you will find pictures of safe rooms. If you would like to learn more about safe rooms and the many features available with safe rooms, feel free to visit our safe room page.


Fabrication of Bunkers, Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms and our Facility

Below you will find actual pictures of the fabrication process of our bunkers, storm shelters and safe rooms. If you would like to learn more about fabrication, please see our fabrication page.


1000 Sq. Foot Bunker & Motor Cave

These pictures of an underground motor cave that can be attached to a bunker. Motor caves can house vehicles to your bunkers that have that can be camouflaged with the earth.


NBC Air Filtration

NBC Air Filtration Units from Rising S Bunker uses the best technology from the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical contaminants in the air. To learn more about our NBC Filtration system along with other pictures and detailed illustrations, see our NBC Air Filtration page.