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Mobile Isolation Units

Rapidly spreading infectious disease can quickly overwhelm healthcare bed capacity. Hospitals need to develop flexible, modular, secure over flow capacity quickly in order to prepare for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic.

Healthcare systems globally need to prepare to have additional, flexible, mobile capacity to respond quickly and prevent initial case.

Sufficient capacity to isolate cases quickly will be a key component to defeating an infection disease outbreak.

Current estimates suggest that approximately 10-20 percent of people infected with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) virus may require extended hospitalization.

A solution to dramatically increase the amounts of hospital beds available globally will be needed in the coming weeks.

Technical Design and Features

Each unit is designed to conform to requirements outlined in the WHO Publication ‘Infection prevention and control of epidemic- and pandemic-prone acute respiratory diseases in health care’ issued by the WHO . This includes:

  • Bedspace for 4 patients housed in individual negative pressure isolation chambers (unidirectional flow). This is to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination of patients using a mechanical ventilation system.
  • Isolation chambers wall that can be removed to allow patient ‘cohorting’ if similar pathogens identified.
  • Includes basic sanitation inside the unit, including toilet and shower, with mechanical ventilation.
  • Includes electrical and network cabling behind easy to disinfect conduits.
  • Construction using specially selected wall and flooring material to allow for simple disinfection of surfaces
  • Heating and cooling systems are included.

The Rising S MIU Solutions

Rising S Company is a manufacturer of mobile emergency medical infrastructure intended to be used as isolation units during an infectious disease outbreak, such as the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.

Our solution is a cost-effective and scalable. Our isolation units can be rapidly sent nearly anywhere allowing for flexibly in deployment. Our production capabilities based in the EU close to rail and sea transportation links.

Quick Production Timelines: DW Isolation unit production can be scaled according to needs. To inquire regarding lead times on production please contact us on our contact form.

Cost: Rising S Company isolation units are cost effective, as they are prefabricated using using common construction materials. As we product one standard model, we can do so in an efficient and rapid manner. This allows us to pass along cost savings to our customers and produce units at scale.

Mobility: Our units are manufactured in a centralized facility and shipped to your site, they simply require being branched into local water, sanitation, and electricity networks to be operational. We can also assist in site preparation and selection. As the structure of our units are built on standard shipping containers platforms so they are able to be transported rapidly by multi-modal transportation networks. As the epidemic winds down or local needs change, the units can be re-positioned quickly where most needed or stored off-site.

Configurable: The DW Isolation units can be configured to specific needs and assembled in a way to create an entire isolation area workflow. This may include gowning/decontamination areas, waste management, and office space solution. Please contact us to define your specific needs. Our units can also be stacked to provide greater number of beds in a limited space, if required.

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