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Freedom Series The Pioneer – $159,000

This newly redesigned bunker provides you with extra sleeping area with a private bedroom without sacrificing living area and storage. The Pioneer model in our Freedom Series is perfect for the larger family that needs extra sleeping areas.  This model comes with the same amenities as our 10′x50′ Upgrade Models which include Dining Table With Chairs, Counter With Sink and stove, Composting Toilet, NBC Air Filtration with Blast Valves and Over pressure, Two Jack Knife Sofa (Doubles As Extra Bed), Bullet Resistant High Security Door, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Water Pressure Pump, Grey-Water Evacuation Pump, Storage Room and Master Bedroom.

Walking into the bunker you will find yourself in front of a large dinning table. The kitchen has a double sink and alcohol burning stove. You will find extra storage under the counter and shelving above the counter. You will also find a pantry and food storage room. The food storage room has shelving around the wall and also shelving in the middle of the room. The food storage room is large enough to walk in. Walking back through the bunker you will find a living area beside the dinning area. The living area features two sofas that can turn into two additional beds. There is a full bathroom adjacent to the living area. Further down the bunker you will find several bunk beds with closets. At the rear of the bunker there is a large master bedroom. The Pioneer bunker is perfect for a very large family or even multiple families.

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Price: $159,000
Size: 650 Square feet