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This underground bunker is made from solid steel and built to last decades. This layout design includes NBC air filtration units, blast valves, hidden security doors, bullet resistant doors at each stairwell, underground water tanks, a deep burial septic system, 5 showers & toilets, a kitchen area and an additional supply unit.  Although this floor plan will sustain life for 71 soldiers; making changes to the design  is no problem. Everything we build is completely custom engineered so if you need a shelter that supports a large number of people; Rising S can make it happen. These units easily flange together so layout customizations are endless.

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Bunker Tour – Bunker With Indoor Gun Range

Tour of a steel underground bunker with an indoor gun range in the bunker.  Gun range is lined in sound dampening foam. The target area is lined from floor to ceiling with 4ft thick ballistic blocks and the gun range has bullet proof glass observation windows. This bunker also has enough sleeping for 4 adults, and a futon that will allow additional sleeping. It has running filtered water, air filtration and a composting toilet system. Bunker has enough storage room for each person to have more than a year of food rations and it is equipped with an emergency escape hatch. Custom designed by Rising S Bunkers; these shelters offer endless design options and top of the line engineering. Rising S Bunkers is the largest underground bunker manufacturer in the U.S. and the leading manufacturer of underground shelter engineering.



This bullet proof mobile check point station is built from solid steel and coated in the same exterior coating that we use on the underground models to ensure maximum protection from weathering.  Then the unit is finished in appropriate camouflage pattern for the area.
The “mobile” feature is an upgrade option. The check point station also comes in a stationary design. When outfitted with the mobile upgrade; the unit has dual axles in back and a bumper-pull attachment.
These structures are lined with kevlar and they come equipped with bullet proof windows for maximum protection.  The bunks in this floor plan stack 3 high making this layout capable of housing 27 soldiers.  Just like every other product we offer; these structures are completely customizable.  Adding more storage, beds, toilets or showers is no problem!



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We can also add  sniper towers or gun turrets giving this check point additional security.  These turrets are also lined in kevlar and can vary in size and height depending on contract specifications.  Turret entries can be from exterior staircases on the outside of the checkpoint allowing maximum utilization of the square footage inside the checkpoint office.  However, we can also engineer the turret’s access to come straight up from  it’s floor using internal ladders with a roof hatch making for a safer entry.  There is no request that we can’t accommodate.  Call us today do discuss more options available.
military-bunker-check-point-with-turret.(click image to enlarge)



Another addition to our military series is the mobile observation tower.   The mobile tower design brings much needed flexibility to the ever changing military strategy.  These mobile towers are built from steel and insulated with kevlar for ultimate protection.  When extended; the tower has a 32′ platform height.  The tower is upgraded with all terrain tires making it ready for any environment.  Motors are available in electric or diesel and speeds will vary depending on upgrades and the contract specifications.  When its time to move long distances, the tower lowers quickly, lights detach and can be locked beneath the retractable canopy. The mobile tower can be easily loaded on a trailer and relocated to the next location.



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