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Silver Leaf Series Bomb Shelter– 10′ x 50′ (SIDE ENTRY) – $ 118,000

This newly redesigned bomb shelter allows for room separation unlike other models. In this unit the Kitchen and Dining are on the opposite end from the Master Bedroom and Bunk Room with a common living area in between. The side entry allows for a more traditional home feel. By separating the rooms you get a much larger feel inside. This bomb shelter comes with the same amenities as our 10′x50′ Survival Shelter Upgrade Models which include Dining Table With Bench, Double Counter With Sink, Composting Toilet, NBC Air Filtration with Blast Valves and Overpressure, Jack Knife Sofa (Doubles As Extra Bed), Bullet Resistant Security Door, Shower, Tankless Hot Water Heater, Water Pressure Pump, Grey-Water Evacuation Pump and Master Bedroom. In addition to the traditional amenities normally included in an upgrade model bunker This Silver Leaf Model has a separate room for the bunk beds as well as a spacious pantry for food storage.

This bomb shelter includes a side entrance which allows for a more separate living style design. The living room of this bomb shelter is the most comfortable of any previous model. This bomb shelter features sleeping areas with additional privacy and elbow room. The kitchen includes a spacious pantry and plenty of counter space. Also included in this bomb shelter is an alcohol burning stove and a dining table and bench which can also double as a bed if needed. There is plenty of space in this bomb shelter that allows for storage and comfortable living.

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Price: $118,000
Size: 10x50