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Xtreme Series The Commander – Fallout Shelter for Sale $449,000

The Commander is a newly designed 1700 SqFt underground fortress. This extremely large fallout shelter for sale is designed to keep several families sustained for longer periods of time. With only one entrance and an escape tunnel located in a hidden unit no one will ever know there is anything beyond the walls of the first bunker. The main hall of this fallout shelter for sale is the entry point for this spacious doomsday bunker. Located inside of it are all of the amenities of our upgraded model fallout shelters plus a hidden room in the rear of the unit as well as a hidden door leading to the masters suite. Once inside the masters suite you will see an open kitchen and dining area with a master bedroom, a master bathroom and yet another hidden room for your valuables as well as a hidden access to your food storage bunker where it becomes a preppers paradise with enough room to literally put everything you have been storing. This is still not the end of the line of this fallout shelter for sale, you now have open access to your utility fallout shelter where your electrical panels, indoor fuel powered generators and battery bank are located. You also have a work room with a bench, drum storage for the ability to store mass amounts of water underground. There is no other fallout shelter for sale on the market.

We have literally thought of everything you need to be safe in this underground castle.
The Commander comes equipped with:

  • 3 Complete NBC Air Filtration Systems,
  • 2 Full Bathrooms, 2 Hidden Rooms with Secure Closet/Cabinets in each,
  • 2 Full Kitchens, with plenty of storage and shelving

Utility fallout shelter where your generators exhaust leaves the bunker through a hidden exhaust system. These fallout shelters come equipped with fresh water inlets, high voltage inlets, secure doors, Painted Interior and 150 Year Coating on the Exterior and are built with comfort in mind.

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Price: $449,000
Size: 10x40, 10x30, 10x50 and 10x40