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Xtreme Series Fallout Shelter The General $1,900,000

The General fallout shelter is a massive 7200Sqft bunker complex built to shelter large families, small business’, or small communities such as church congregations or other colonies of people. This underground bunker complex comes with all of the amenities of our typical upgrade units but offers much much more than all the others. Rising S Bunker’s GENERAL is among the biggest and best of all the bunker complexes. It’s larger in size than 14 (10×50) bunkers combined and it’s also loaded with tons of luxury upgrades such as a gym/fitness unit, and educational center, massive laundry room equipped with washers and dryers, security unit, decontamination unit, group dining hall, lounge area as well as extended kitchens and food storage. The General is the ultimate fallout shelter available on the market.

This massive fallout shelter includes all of the standard “UPGRADE” amenities: Bullet Resistant Door, NBC Air Filtration With Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves, Double Counter With Sink, Composting Toilet, Shelving For Food Storage, Water Pressure Pump, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Grey-Water Evacuation Tank, Grey-Water Evacuation Pump, 12 Volt LED Lighting, Solar Generation Charging System With Battery Supply, 12 Volt TV/DVD Combo, Infrared Security System, Fresh Water Inlet, 120/240 Volt Inlet, Staircase w/ Handrail, Painted Interior and Exterior Coating/Corrosion protection.

The General comes equipped with:

  • 50 Bunk Style Beds with under storage areas
  • 2 Master’s Quarters w/Private Bedroms & Queen Beds
  • 11 NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves
  • 9 Traditional Wet Toilets
  • 9 Personal Showers with 1 decontamination shower
  • 2 Full Kitchens, complete with alcohol burning cook top stoves, sinks
  • Gym/Health & Fitness Room
  • Educational Center / Library
  • Lounge Area with wrap-around sofa
  • Dining Hall
  • Laundry Room complete with 3 washers and 3 dryers
  • Utility/Storage bunker
  • Tool Room/Workshop/Utility Room
  • Security unit where your infrared camera monitor and the main gun vault are located
  • Decontamination unit

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Class Information

Price: $1,900,000
Size: 7200 Square Feet