A Rising S Bunkers Welding Robot In Action!
18 May 2021

There is one key component in constructing the strongest bunkers possible, and that material is steel. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we use high-quality American steel in all our structures. Using steel means that our bunkers will last your family a lifetime, even under intense pressure. Bomb shelters made from inferior materials won’t survive a catastrophic event and are very susceptible to flooding and deterioration. Wood or drywall will not hold up when faced with nuclear fallout or a devastating natural disaster, and the fact that our competitors use these materials when constructing shelters is, quite frankly, putting American families at risk.


Bomb Shelter Questions Answered
03 May 2021

One of the most insidious threats currently faced by American families is the potential for a nuclear threat executed against the U.S. by terrorists and other foreign enemies. A nuclear blast is an explosion that includes intense heat, blinding light, an incredibly damaging pressure wave, fires resulting from thermal radiation, and secondary fires that arise from the destruction. People lucky enough to survive the initial blast of the nuclear explosion face further hazards from the widespread dissemination of radioactive material that contaminates the air, water, and ground for miles surrounding the detonation site. (more…)