Tornadoes Don’t Form Like Meteorologists Thought They Did

Picture a tornado forming. Does the funnel cloud in your mind’s eye reach down from the sky like a malicious, spindly finger? If so, that mental picture may be all wrong. New research suggests that tornadoes form not from the clouds down, but from the ground up.

Alaska hit by more than 230 small earthquakes since Friday

More than 1,000 aftershocks of magnitude 1.5 or greater have shaken Alaska since Friday’s big quake knocked out power, ripped open roads and splintered buildings in Anchorage, US Geological Survey geophysicist Randy Baldwin said Sunday.

Climate Change Is Wreaking Havoc Now, Report Shows

Long-term shifts in temperature, precipitation and other trends, have created the conditions for weather phenomena. From record-breaking wildfires that destroyed more than 14,000 homes in California, to hurricanes that devastated parts of Florida and much of Puerto Rico, long-predicted impacts of climate change are here and wreaking havoc. In the fourth U.S.

‘Total destruction’: Volunteers sift through ashes of Northern California wildfire

The Camp Fire has killed at least 76 people, a grim record in the history of wildfires in America. But even harder to fathom might be the number listed as missing-1,276 as of Saturday night, though no one can be sure if that is close to the real number.

New Wildfire Sparks in Southern California As Deadly Fires Kill 50

Cal Fire said the strong Santa Ana winds are making it more difficult to fight the southern California blazes. Firefighters are fighting a new wildfire in southern California after the Sierra Fire sparked on Tuesday evening. The Sierra Fire has burned through almost 150 acres in San Bernardino County, the county’s fire department tweeted on Wednesday .

Returning winds have Southern California firefighters wary

MALIBU, Calif. (AP) – With Santa Ana winds returning and hundreds of homes in ashes, firefighters were struggling to corral a devastating Southern California wildfire that has ravaged scenic canyons and celebrity enclaves near the ocean. Crews taking advantage of a weekend lull in the winds had the immense Woolsey blaze about 30 percent contained.

‘A massive wall of fire’: wildfires rage in California – video

At least nine people have died after a northern California wildfire incinerated most of a town of about 30,000 people, authorities said. Only a day after the fast-moving fire began, the blaze near the town of Paradise had grown to nearly 140 sq miles.

‘Under pressure’ doctors struggling to deal with Congo ebola outbreak

It takes 15 minutes to don an ebola-proof protective suit and we watched a team of doctors and nurses in the Congolese city of Beni struggle with their straps, googles and thick plastic boots. “You can’t leave anything exposed, let me cover here,” said one orderly, pointing at a small patch of flesh poking out above one doctor’s face mask.

New U.S. sanctions over chemical weapons would be ‘illegal’: Kremlin

Russia would consider any new chemical weapons-related sanctions imposed by the United States to be illegal, a Kremlin spokesman said on Wednesday.

Possible tornado kills one in Tennessee

One person has been killed and two more injured after a possible tornado touched down in Rutherford County in central Tennessee.