Increasing Global Threats Call for Capabilities to Deter, Defend, Offi

In today’s increasingly complex and threatening environment, the Defense Department must sustain the capabilities needed to deter and defend against attacks on the U.S. homeland, its forces abroad and its allies and partners, John C. Rood, undersecretary of defense for policy , said on Capitol Hill yesterday.

New Threat to the U.S.: the Axis of Autocracy

It sounded like an echo of Sino-Soviet alliance of the 1950s and 1960s when China’s new defense minister, Wei Fenghe, said at a meeting in Moscow this month, “The Chinese side has come to show Americans the close ties between the armed forces of China and Russia.”

UPDATE: City crews, AEP making progress on cleanup

UPDATE, 3:45 p.m. : According to a press release from the City of Lynchburg, city crews and AEP crews are continuing to work to clear streets and debris from Sunday’s storms, and the city is asking motorists to use caution in the work zones.

US missile attack on Syria captured in stunning Pentagon video

The nearly two dozen Tomahawk missiles fired from the decks of the USS Higgins toward targets in Syria are seen lighting up the night sky in footage released Monday by the Department of Defense. The Pentagon said Saturday the U.S.-led allied missile strikes in Syria successfully hit all three targets and have “significantly crippled” Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ability to make more chemical weapons.

Pentagon: US, allies launched 105 missiles in Syria, ‘successfully’ hit all three targets

The Pentagon said Saturday that the U.S.-led allied missile strikes in Syria successfully hit all three targets and have “significantly crippled” Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ability to make more chemical weapons. “I think we dealt them a severe blow,” Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at the Pentagon after the overnight bombing.

Higher stakes than ever as Trump, allies mull Syria strike

WASHINGTON — The United Nations Security Council is holding an emergency meeting Friday morning on Syria, following the recent suspected chemical weapons attack in the country. Russia requested the meeting and said the top priority should be averting a wider war. President Trump discussed U.S.

Tornadoes touched down in Fort Lauderdale, displacing homeowner, snarling traffic

National Weather Service confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday, one in downtown, the other near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. A woman had to leave her storm-damaged home as winds and rain wreaked havoc with the rush hour commute.

Trump’s Secretary of State pick Mike Pompeo faces hearing amid Syria crisis, other threats

CLOSE CIA Director Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s choice to lead the State Department, faces senators at his confirmation hearing Thursday with dangerous crises looming with Russia, China, and Iran. Pompeo, a former Republican Congressman from Kansas with a reputation for a hawkish approach to American security, has been a lightning rod for criticism from rights advocates and some Democrats who worry he’ll lead the president into war.

Trump vows quick action in response to suspected chemical attack in…

WASHINGTON/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday promised quick, forceful action in response to a deadly suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, appearing to suggest a potential military response.

The Threat Of Biological Warfare Is Increasing, And The U.S. Isn’t Ready

During the Cold War, the big threats to national security changed little from year to year. Because threats were predictable, the U.S. government was able to mount a focused, effective response that prevented World War Three. Today, threats are harder to anticipate.