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Here’s what would happen if North Korea tried to shoot down a US bomber

N orth Korea interpreted a tweet from President Donald Trump as a declaration of war and threatened to shoot down US B-1B Lancer strategic bombers even if they weren’t flying in its airspace on Monday, but such an attack is easier said than done.

Tornado warning issued for central Minnesota counties

On a week that’s seen the heat record for the Twin Cities broken three days in a row, tornado warnings were also issued for southeastern Pope County and western Stearns County. The storm was spotted near Brooten, Minn., and is moving northeast at close to 45 miles an hour, according to the National Weather Service.

The Role Of Climate Change In Extreme Weather Events

As Houston struggled in the aftermath of the record-breaking rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, and no fewer than three hurricanes simultaneously moved across the Atlantic basin, a reader asked if I could explain the role of climate change in the recent extreme weather events. I want to connect the dots with arguments that aren’t really controversial.

Damage from rare Utah tornado lingers a year later

Riverdale * Damage from a rare tornado that ripped through a Utah county a year ago still lingers in the homes and minds of people who live in its path. The twister gutted 12 homes and damaged dozens more in Weber County, causing a combined $2 million in damage and injuries to at least five people, The Standard-Examiner in Ogden reported.

Hawaii reportedly prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea rhetoric

Hawaiian officials were reportedly telling residents to prepare for a nuclear attack by North Korea, but they were doing so delicately so they don’t cause a panic. The Washington Post reported that Hawaii officials were working to educate and prepare residents amid the growing tension between Washington and Pyongyang.

Tornado destroys 2 barns, damages 3 in Linn County; funnel cloud near Molalla

Five barns on a dairy farm were heavily damaged Tuesday afternoon when a tornado touched down near Lebanon.The National Weather Service confirmed it was an EF-0 tornado that traveled 1,200 feet. Its path was 500 feet wide. The weather agency said maximum w

Experts break down the North Korean threat amid heightened tensions

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea reached their highest point in years over the course of this summer, and they don’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon. Increased missile tests by the North Koreans and a change in approach by the Trump administration have prompted the two countries’…

Tornado warning issued for North Coast

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Monday afternoon for northwestern Clatsop County and southwestern Pacific County in Washington state.The warning was in effect until 4:15 p.m. There were no immediate reports of damage or injury.The weather service detected a severe thunderstorm

Hurricane Maria Expected to Become ‘Major’ Storm, Nears Caribbean Still Cleaning up From Irma

Hurricane Maria became a Category 3 storm Monday as it continued to churn toward the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean, a path forecasters said was likely to threaten Puerto Rico – perhaps becoming the worst storm to hit the island since 1928.

A company that builds underground bunkers to withstand nuclear war has made millions since the Trump presidency began – take a look

Doomsday preppers are making a fortune off fears that the world is coming to an end. Rising S Company sells underground doomsday bunkers at every price point. The Texas-based manufacturer claims to have seen business soar between 500% and 700% in the months since the election of President Trump, with millions in sales generated this year.

Political tensions, financial worries drive doomsday bunker sales

North Korea’s nuclear tests, severe weather and fears of a financial meltdown are boosting demand for underground bunkers in Maine. Northeast Bunkers of Pittsfield is “busy as the dickens,” its owner said about the recent nuclear threats and hurricanes.

North Korean committee wants to send Japan ‘into the sea’

North Korea’s propaganda arm suggested the hermetic nation could send Japan “into the sea,” ruffling feathers in an already tense region. “The four islands of the (Japanese) archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche,” the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee said in a statement carried Thursday by the Korea Central News Agency.

Deputies confirm tornado touched down in Umatilla

Florida power outage map: How to check who has power 1 dead, 3 treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in Daytona Beach 5 dead at Florida nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma UPDATES: Generators cause deaths after Hurricane Irma PHOTOS: Hurricane Irma’s wrath felt in Central Florida Low rain chances in Central Florida; Hurricane Jose spins in Atlantic What is gasoline situation in Florida, when will it return to normal?

North Korea: ‘US gangsters’ will pay for new sanctions

North Korea warned the “US gangsters” will pay a “due price” for backing new sanctions in the United Nations against the regime over its recent nuclear test, according to a report on Monday. “In case the U.S. eventually does rig up the illegal and unlawful ‘resolution’ on harsher sanctions, the DPRK shall make absolutely sure that the U.S.

Hurricane Irma powers up as it nears Florida Keys — back to Category 4

Hurricane Irma gathered new strength early Sunday as it approached the Florida Keys – regaining Category 4 status. A 2 a.m. ET Sunday advisory from the National Hurricane Center said the storm was about 70 miles southeast of Key West, with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, and headed for the Florida peninsula at 6 mph.

Tornadoes a risk even as the worst of Hurricane Irma’s effects look to bypass Grand Strand

Just because it may look like we aren’t in the path of Hurricane Irma anymore doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t remain prepared.We thought maybe the worst was gonna miss us, so we didn’t pay as much attention and let our guard down much more, said Debbie Conn

Why Hurricane Irma Could Hurt, a Lot: Much Lies in Harm’s Way

WASHINGTON – Read the latest with Friday’s live updates on Hurricane Irma. The last time a Category 5 hurricane ripped through Florida, it was so destructive that meteorologists retired its name forever. That storm, Hurricane Andrew, made landfall southwest of Miami in 1992, killing 65 people, destroying 63,000 homes and inflicting $26.5 billion in economic losses.

Now it’s TORNADOES – when Irma hits USA hurricane will spark multiple killer tornadoes

By the time it reaches Savannah wind speeds will be around 110mph but there is a real risk of tornadoes Tom Sater, CNN weather forecaster Hurricanes can trigger tornadoes when they interact with other weather fronts. So-called supercells develop in the storm’s eyewall allowing for several tornadoes to touch down as a result.

Hurricane Irma Is Passing Over St. Martin, Anguilla as a Potentially Catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane; Dangerous Threat for Florida, Southeast

Hurricane Irma is moving through the northern Leeward Islands as a Category 5. Hurricane warnings have been issued for portions of the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. Irma will target the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico Wednesday into early Thursday.

Build-a-Bunker: the bespoke nuclear burrows on offer for the wealthy

Sitting in a South London cafe, Katie (not her real name) bounces her nearly one-year-old baby on her knee. He looks around in an attempt to engage passers by, and his blue eyes light up as he realises he’s won the attention of a stranger, a coy smile spreading across his lips.

Haley says North Korea is ‘begging for war,’ calls for strongest possible UN sanctions

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Monday asked the body’s Security Council to impose the strongest possible sanctions against North Korea in response to the rogue nation’s most recent nuclear test, saying “the time for half measures … is over.”

Trump calls North Korea ‘dangerous’ and ‘great threat’ after overnight nuclear test

President Trump on Sunday responded to North Korea’s overnight nuclear missile test, calling it “very hostile and dangerous” to the United States. The rogue nation said it detonated a hydrogen bomb, with “perfect success.” The detonation prompted immediate condemnation from other nations and possibly triggering an artificial earthquake.

Decade of disaster: a timeline of $1bn extreme weather damage in the US

Before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last week, there had been nine weather and climate disasters costing $1bn or more in the US since the start of 2017. Such events cost an estimated $16.4bn in total and caused 57 deaths.

Harvey to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, possibly tornadoes to Tennessee

There’s an updated story for Thursday, Aug. 31. Click here to check it out. – NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Remnants of Hurricane Harvey are expected to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, and the potential for tornadoes to the Middle Tennessee area as it moves north.

Amid nuclear fears, bomb-shelter business booms: ‘We are back in the 1960s again’

The showdown between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump has once again raised the specter of nuclear annihilation. That has done wonders for the bomb-shelter industry. Sales and inquiries have spiked, according to several of the U.S. companies that make money from doomsday fears. “The increase in demand is everywhere.

Bomb Shelter Business is Booming as North Korea Threats Intensify

North Korea launched a long-range missile that flew over the northern part of Japan Tuesday, triggering another round of intense back-and-forth between Washington and Pyongyang. As stock markets struggle to find their footing amid heightened geopolitical turmoil and increasing volatility, one industry is doing better than ever: bomb shelters.

Trump on North Korea missile launch: ‘All options are on the table’

President Trump said “all options are on the table” on Tuesday after North Korea launched a missile over Japan. “The world has received North Korea’s latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,” the White House said.

Harvey sends tornadoes barreling through Houston

Tropical storm Harvey sent a number of devastating tornadoes across the Houston area over the weekend – including one captured on video. Two Houston residents were driving into an apartment complex Saturday when they witnessed a terrifying cyclone barreling toward them, according to The Houston Chronicle. “That’s a mother fu-ing tornado!”

Harvey causes ‘catastrophic flooding’ in Houston, shuts down airport

Hurricane Harvey continued to pound southeastern Texas on Sunday with “catastrophic flooding” in Houston that led to at least one death and an aiport shutdown caused by standing water on the runways. More than 1,000 people were rescued overnight Sunday. At least one person died due to the flooding, Houston Fire Department’s Sheldra Brigham said.

NWS: Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 2 storm; Texans prepare for worst

A Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicated early Thursday that Hurricane Harvey– the first major hurricane to hit Texas in 12 years– has gained strength and is now a Category 2 storm. The National Weather Service in Houston tweeted that the aircraft registered winds at an estimated 100 mph.

Kim Jong Un orders more rocket engines, ICBM parts as photos suggest new missile design

Kim Jong Un, placing his foot firmly back on the gas in his war of wills with the United States, reportedly ordered more rocket engines and warhead tips for the rogue regime’s ramped-up intercontinental ballistic missile program — and new images indicate the dictator’s minions may have developed a new missile design.

Tornado watch issued for WNY until 9 p.m.

A tornado watch has been issued for all of Western New York until 9 p.m. A watch, issued by the National Weather Service, means tornadoes are possible. It is different from a warning, which means the threat is imminent.

Video shows tornado ripping through patio of Rockledge home

‘I have done a bad thing’: Accused Kissimmee cop killer cried after arrest Orlando police detective violated code of conduct Young mother crushed to death after giving birth when hospital elevator malfunctions: Reports Neighbors shaken up after killing of Kissimmee officers ​Puppy attacked by local pet store owner’s dog Trump begins Afghanistan speech by addressing wounds at home 2017 solar eclipse: News 6 road trips cross country Mother left kids in hot car while she drank at I-Drive bar, police say Symptoms of solar eclipse eye damage

Talk of ‘Preventive War’ Rises in White House Over North Korea

He answered his own question: “The president’s been very clear about it. He said he’s not going to tolerate North Korea being able to threaten the United States.”

NWS Data Sheds Light On 8-Confirmed Tornadoes In 1 Day

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The National Weather Service has released preliminary data on the eight-confirmed tornadoes that struck central and south-central Minnesota Wednesday. The tornadoes hit between 4:52 p.m. and 8:08 p.m., with all but one being rated EF-0. These weak tornadoes had wind speeds that peaked between 55 and 80 miles per hour.

$13 million for a bunker? ‘Tons’ of San Antonio families are buying underground homes

Updated 10:27 am, Thursday, August 17, 2017 Recent threats of a nuclear attack from North Korea have led “dozens” of customers in San Antonio and the Hill Country to pay anywhere from $39,000 to $13 million for underground bunkers with amenities spanning from the most basic to features most don’t have above ground.

Multiple Tornadoes Reported In Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A summer storm spun into the Twin Cities Wednesday night, bringing with it the threat of tornadoes and torrential rain. At least five possible tornadoes touched down, from near Mankato to the Twin Cities. That includes this one captured in Nicollet by Brandon Lewis late Wednesday afternoon.

North Korea’s nukes are not the only weapon in its arsenal

As US intelligence keep providing evidence of North Korea’s stunning acceleration of its nuclear program, experts say there is another weapon in Pyongyang’s arsenal that the world should also keep a close eye on. Kim Jong Un’s military has been collecting large stockpiles of nerve agents such as sarin and VX, that could target U.S.

Local bomb shelter business booming amidst tensions with North Korea

What happens in a warehouse along an east Texas road is somewhat a mystery. “We don’t welcome just drive-by traffic. We want it that way,” said Gary Lynch of Rising S Company. It’s not because they have anything to hide, but because they are genuinely private.

Three tornadoes in three states, but no warnings. What happened?

CLOSE One tornado tossed a car like a toy, another reduced buildings to rubble, a third shredded trees to splinters. Three recent tornadoes hit three different states – New York, Oklahoma, and Maryland – yet no tornado warnings were issued before any of the twisters touched down. Do we have a problem?

Guam, Japan prepare for possible North Korea missile launch

In a statement last week, Gen. Kim Rak Gyom, commander of the Strategic Force of the Korean People’s Army, said the plan to fire “four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range strategic ballistic rockets … to signal a crucial warning to the US” would be ready by “mid-August.”

Is extreme weather the new normal?

Last year’s global weather was far more extreme or record-breaking than anything approaching normal, according to a new report. The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday released its annual checkup of the Earth, highlighting numerous records including hottest year, highest sea level, and lowest sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Trump: Kim Jong Un ‘will regret it fast’ if he attacks Guam, US allies

DEVELOPING … President Trump said Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will come to regret making threats to the United States after the country warned of a possible attack on Guam. If Kim makes more threats or takes any action against a U.S.

Bunker Manufacturer Says Sales Up 90% as North Korea Tensions Grow

Dem Rep Has Painting of Statue of Liberty in a Hijab Hanging in His Office Hannity: North Korea Will Now Become a ‘Defining Issue’ for Trump Admin As tensions with North Korea mount, a U.S.-based bunker manufacturer is reporting a major surge in sales.

Two tornadoes have hit Maryland in two weeks. Is this normal?

About 20 minutes before 2 p.m. Monday, a quick-hitting but destructive tornado took a swipe at Salisbury, Md. Rated EF1 on a scale of 0 to 5, it was powerful enough to toss cars like toys, yet docile in leaving behind no injuries.

North Korean nukes are miniaturized, can fit on missiles, report says

North Korea has reportedly produced a compact nuclear warhead that can be placed inside one of its advanced missiles – which are already believed to be capable of reaching half of the United States. The jarring assessment was prepared in July by the Defense Intelligence Agency, according to The Washington Post.

North Korea Threatens ‘Ultimate Measures’ Over New U.N. Sanctions

As global pressure ratchets up against North Korea with a new package of sanctions, the rogue nation is blaming the United States and threatening “ultimate measures” in response. The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved the new sanctions over the weekend, which are aimed at cutting roughly a third of North Korea’s annual export revenue.

Behind the numbers: How likely is your state to see a tornado?

Tornadoes can be some of the most spectacular examples of severe weather in the world, and the United States reports more of them than any other country, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). Tornadoes tend to develop more frequently in some regions of the U.S.

Blast from the past: Chico home boasts ’60s-era bomb shelter

Chico >> A poster of a nuclear explosion hangs above the entrance, an inconspicuous door underneath the two-story home’s stairs. A steep, rust-colored staircase leads 14 feet below the ground at the home in the 1200 block of Stewart Ave, just off the Nord Avenue college corridor in Chico.

Why China wants North Korea to be a nuclear threat

If worse came to worst and North Korea detonated a nuclear warhead above Honolulu, the losses would include up to 44,000 US troops, as well as our vital bases ringing the city – beginning with Pearl Harbor. Who would benefit? Not North Korea. We’d level that mountainous country.

North Korean missile tests could pose a risk to passenger planes

On Friday, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) which it says is capable of hitting the continental United States. The missile may have posed a much more immediate threat too, flying within miles of the flight path a passenger jet had just completed.

Is this really Southern California tornado weather? Yes, but…

With heavy rain and winds pounding the Inland Empire this week, many have taken to social media to express their concern about so-called tornado weather. This would totally be tornado weather – Daniella Nuno (@CallMeKendall_) August 1, 2017 California don’t know if it wanna be hot , if it wanna rain , or if it wanna have a tornado right now .

Why threats from Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea and ISIS make 2017 a dangerous year

2017 has already seen a number of major terrorist attacks, which, coupled with rising tensions around the world and nuclear sabre-rattling from North Korea, have increased fears of a major military conflict. The Sun has spoken to a range of military and terror experts about the threat of World War Three in 2017 – here is what they said.

US detects ‘highly unusual’ North Korean submarine activity

The US military has detected “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of North Korean submarine activity and evidence of an “ejection test” in the days following Pyongyang’s second intercontinental ballistic missile launch this month, a defense official told CNN on Monday.

Suspected tornado leaves path of destruction in Perth

A SUSPECTED tornado tore through Perth on Monday, leaving a path of destruction. It ripped through Perth’s north, with wind gusts of more than 110km/h, damaging buildings and trees and knocking out power to thousands of homes.

Nebraskan congressional delegation requests disaster declaration after six tornadoes

The Nebraskan congressional delegation requested on Monday President Trump make a major disaster declaration following June storms in the state. “The strong winds, including six tornadoes and golf-ball-to-baseball-sized hail, produced extensive damage across the state. Public power districts are reporting damages in excess of $13,780,024,” the letter states.

Trump rips China after N. Korea missile test

“I am very disappointed in China,” Trump wrote in a pair of Twitter posts. “…they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!” North Korea’s test Friday of an intercontinental ballistic missile was its second of the long-range weapon in a month.

Trump responds to N Korea with missile defence test and B-1 drills – BBC News

The US says it has carried out a successful test of its controversial anti-missile system and has flown B-1 bombers over the Korean peninsula. The exercises are a direct response to recent North Korean missile tests. A projectile fired by the US Air Force was intercepted over the Pacific by a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) unit in Alaska.

North Korea’s Nuclear Arms Sustain Drive for ‘Final Victory’

The country says that it plans – and analysts increasingly take this claim seriously – to force the world to accept it as a full member of the international community and, eventually, to reconcile with the United States and South Korea on its terms. North Korea envisions the United States one day concluding that it has grown too powerful to coerce and the status quo too risky to maintain, leading Washington to accept a grand bargain in which it would drop sanctions and withdraw some or all of its forces from South Korea.

Lightning strikes for storm-chasing couple who enjoyed a whirlwind romance

The romantic outlook is excellent for two storm ­chasers who fell for each other thousands of miles from home. John Finney, 46, and Ashleigh Parker, 29, were watching the skies in Texas but a ­”lightning bolt moment” between them sparked an unstoppable whirlwind romance.

‘Within 15 minutes a full-blown tornado had formed’

I am a competitive, goal-driven person. I love extreme sports, and when I’m not working, I like to be with my wife and two children. I’m a business consultant, and there’s a lot going on, so if I don’t schedule my time things don’t get done.

North Korea threat has Americans preparing to go underground

North Korea’s nuclear program has put the world on high alert. The Pentagon has confirmed that Thursday night the Kim Jong-un regime fired a missile that appears to have landed in the waters within a couple hundred miles of Japan’s coast.

The Bomb-Shelter Business Is Booming

Business has never been better at Atlas Survival Shelters, which ships bunkers to customers around the world from its U.S. factories. Among the best sellers: the BombNado, with a starting price of $18,999. The popularity of the company’s doomsday fortifications is no surprise, considering the state of the world in general and, specifically, Kim Jong-Un’s pursuit of a missile that can hit the continental U.S.

In Japan, the $18,999 Bomb Shelters Are Selling Like Crazy Now

The popularity of the company’s doomsday fortifications is no surprise, considering the state of the world in general and, specifically, Kim Jong-Un’s pursuit of a missile that can hit the continental U.S. Curiously, though, the most furious surge of interest isn’t in America but Japan, a country that’s long been within North Korea’s striking distance.

Clouds here, funnels there, no tornadoes anywhere

CLOSE Even before the rain stopped thundering down Sunday afternoon, people began posting images of ominous storm clouds and apparent tornadoes. As we now know, there is no evidence that tornadoes touched down in either Wyoming or Ontario counties, the two locations where most of the images were captured.

Dissecting the freak nighttime tornado that tore across Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Residents of Stevensville, in Queen Anne’s County, are picking up the pieces after a significant tornado swept through town early Monday morning, blasting coastal neighborhoods with 125 mph winds and causing at least one injury on its 2.37-mile path. No one expected such a violent storm in the middle of the night.

Why Apocalypse Predictions Always Fail

In 1806, a hen in Leeds, England laid began laying eggs inscribed with the words “Christ is coming.” When news of these miraculous egg-layings spread, many people became convinced that doomsday was at hand, and that the world, as they knew it, was about to pass away.

Stage is set for the end times, believes John Hagee

One pastor is watching the skies and believes he’s seeing some things that have never been seen before – what he interprets to be signs that civilization is inching closer and closer to the end times. John Hagee was asked about his views on the end times and whether we’re living in them already during a recent interview with CBN.

World War 3: North Korea Face War on Many Fronts – Live Trading News

World War 3: North Korea Face War on Many Fronts In what may well be preparation for World War 3, The United States will ban its citizens from traveling to North Korea amid concerns about their safety in the communist nation, the State Department said Friday. The announcement comes after the death of U.S.

Rare tornado rips through Eastern Shore during overnight storms

WASHINGTON – A strong tornado tore across Kent Island early Monday morning, pushing houses off foundations, dumping roofs in fields and leaving a 2-mile-long path of destruction. The EF-2 tornado formed as a waterspout over the Chesapeake Bay before coming ashore about 1:29 a.m. in the Bay City area, just south of U.S.

World War 3: Russia Not a Threat – Live Trading News

World War 3: Russia Not a Threat No One but the Media Consider Russia a Threat to USA The headlines on CNN would lead readers and viewers to believe Russia was ready for war with the USA any minute, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Forecast data model warns you of tornadoes hours in advance

How much lead time you get will vary based on the weather, of course, but even a little extra time helps. This first real-world use warned western Oklahoma of likely tornadoes and hail about 30 minutes in advance, which may have minimized casualties.

Watch: Aerial video shows trail of damage left by tornadoes in Western NY

Two tornadoes hit Western New York on Thursday, lifting cars off driveways, uprooting trees and tearing roofs from homes. Weather officials believe one tornado struck Hamburg around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, while the other hit Holland about 20 minutes later. Hamburg endured an estimated maximum wind speed of 105 mph, and Holland faced winds of 95 mph.


Blasdell collision shop overloaded with cars damaged from tornadoes

SPECTRUM NEWS VIDEO: Staffers at Northeast Collision in Blasdell explained they’ve seen a handful of cars roll through with shattered windshields and panels that were sprayed with rocks and debris. Many suffered shattered or blown out windows and panels peppered with gravel and rock shots from all the flying debris.

Hawaii rolling out civil defense plan for North Korean missile attack

The state of Hawaii is formulating a preparedness plan for a North Korean missile attack, much to the dismay of the state’s tourism boosters. “We do not want to cause any undue stress for the public,” Vern T.

State of Emergency Declared in Hamburg, New York, After Three Tornadoes Leave Damage

Three confirmed tornadoes left behind damage and knocked out power to 13,000 customers in Hamburg, New York. The first twister received an EF2 rating and the second was classified as an EF1. Officials in western New York declared a state of emergency after three tornadoes left damage Thursday as part of a round of severe thunderstorms that rumbled across parts of the Northeast and Midwest.

Here’s how a North Korean nuclear attack on the US would play out

After North Korea shocked the world on July 4 by launching an intercontinental ballistic missile, the US has picked up the pace and urgency of ballistic missile defense despite major flaws in existing systems and tactics. US plans in the event of a North Korean missile attack would center around spotting the launches early on and prepare to intercept them.

Tornadoes causes damage, power outages in WNY

Crews are working to help clean up damage from two confirmed tornados that passed through Hamburg and Holland in Western New York Thursday. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz issued a no unnecessary travel advisory for southern Erie County from Orchard Park to Wales. In a statement, Poloncarz says that “possible tornadic activity caused extensive damage.”