CODE RED: Severe storm risk increases for midstate, damaging winds, tornado possible

FOX 17 News is in a Code Red weather alert for the potential of strong storms carrying high winds, hail and a possible tornado. The severe weather outlook for the greater Nashville area and surrounding counties is now at an enhanced risk, or 3 out of 5, fo

Commentary: What the U.S. should do about Putin’s nuclear threats

Vladimir Putin’s Thursday speech about Russia’s new and “invincible” array of nuclear weapons accomplished many of its objectives. It provided a strong image for a politician heading into a presidential election on March 18. It declared Russia triumphant after years of economic turbulence and military stagnation.

‘Satan 2’ nuclear missile again test-launched by Russia, as Putin brags of ‘invulnerable’ arsenal

A new intercontinental ballistic missile hailed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as being able to fly over the North or South Poles and strike any target in the world reportedly was test-launched for the second time Friday.

U.S. Military Admits Its “Helpless” Against a Hypersonic Missile Strike by China or Russia

The United States defense establishment has not stopped ringing alarm bells on what they say are rising threats posed by Russia and China, and their warnings are prompting fear among members of Congress. Last week, US military officials and lawmakers highlighted hypersonic missiles as a particular area of concern.

Person arrested in connection to suspicious packages found at DC-area military bases

A person was arrested Tuesday in connection with the series of packages containing explosive materials found at military bases in the greater Washington, D.C., area, a law enforcement official told Fox News. Authorities said earlier Tuesday they were honing in on a suspect in the case. No possible motive was immediately disclosed.

North Korea’s hidden submarine threat as regime warns ‘ready’ for war

A nuclear attack threat from a North Korean submarine is one of the nightmare scenarios facing Japan and South Korea. The chilling thought of North Korea’s fully submersible submarines firing a nuclear ballistic missile isn’t as far-fetched as some might think.

Austin bomber called himself a ‘psychopath,’ had no remorse, congressman says

The man linked to a series of deadly Austin package bombings called himself a “psychopath” in a recorded confession and said he had no remorse for the explosions that killed two people, a U.S. congressman said Saturday.

Weather Service warns of tornadoes and funnel clouds in Sacramento area

Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” would be forgiven if she set down in the Central Valley this week and told Toto “It looks like we’re still in Kansas.” The National Weather Service warned of isolated tornadoes and funnel clouds developing in the Sacramento area Thursday afternoon.

Austin bomber had ‘target list,’ used ‘very unique’ batteries purchased from Asia, McCaul says

The 23-year-old man linked to the deadly bombings that rocked Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas over the past month had a target list of future locations he wanted to strike, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security said Thursday.

China and Russia are pursuing hypersonic weapons – and the US can’t defend against them

America’s top nuclear commander described a grim scenario for U.S. forces facing off against a new breed of high-speed weapons that Russia and China are developing. “We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us,” Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of U.S.