US Eyes Adding Nuclear Cruise Missiles to Zumwalt Stealth Destroyers As Well As Attack Subs

More vessels carrying these weapons could make it especially hard for opponents to quickly tell the difference between conventional and nuclear strikes. Raytheon U.S. Air Force General John Hyten, head of U.S. Strategic Command, has suggested he’s interested in arming a variety of ships with a new nuclear-tipped cruise missile, including the stealthy Zumwalt-class destroyers, as well as guided missile submarines, or SSGNs, and attack subs.

At least five killed after thunderstorms spawn tornado and mass flooding in heart of United States

Authorities say at least five people have died as a strong storm system that included a tornado pushed its way eastward through the central United States, leaving demolished homes, damaged vehicles and uprooted trees in its wake. As well as the tornado that flattened homes, the storms also brought gale force winds and widespread flooding from the Upper Midwest to Appalachia.

Schools across US receive threats of violence following Florida high school shooting

Several schools nationwide bolstered security or shuttered their doors Friday following threats made in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly Florida school shooting. The Nutley Public School District in New Jersey announced late Thursday all schools in the area would be closed due to a “security threat.”

The science of measuring North Korea’s destructive nuclear power from afar

The Trump administration considers North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs the top threat to American national security. How much do we really know about their nuclear devices? In the second of a series, science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how analysts gauge North Korea’s progress.

US Embassy in Montenegro attacked with grenade, prompting security scare

The U.S. Embassy in the Balkan state of Montenegro was attacked Thursday by an individual armed with a hand grenade, who hurled the explosive at the compound before blowing himself up. The area was sealed off by the police and the embassy warned Americans to avoid the area because of “an active security situation.”

Copycat Threats and Jittery Nerves Force School Shutdowns Across the U.S.

Law enforcement officers have been busy rushing to schools. A Broward County deputy accidentally shot himself in the leg on Thursday while answering a mistaken report of a shooting in a school not far from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

Uniontown neighborhood working to clean up after tornado rips through area Thursday

A tornado ripped through Uniontown Thursday evening, damaging dozens of homes and leaving streets littered with full roofs and walls, uprooted trees and downed utility poles. Two young children and their mother were trapped in a trailer in the area of Reppert Boulevard for about 20 minutes before a family member and a neighbor cleared the wreckage to free them.

US Open to Talk About Talks With North Korea

The U.S. is indicating a new willingness to talk with North Korea, but it is still difficult to see a peaceful resolution to the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula in the near future. U.S.

Haley calls for UN to act after report finds Iranian weapons in Yemen

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is demanding the U.N. act in the wake of damning report that founds Iranian weapons and ballistic missile were taken into Yemen even after a 2015 arms embargo — the latest evidence of Iran’s broader disregard for sanctions.

Raytheon says the greatest security threats today come from cyberattacks

Cyber threats represent the greatest danger to the international community today, Raytheon International CEO John Harris told CNBC Friday. “(Cyber) is, I would, say one of largest and most important threats to our nation and to our allies,” Harris said ahead of the Munich Security Conference in Germany.