Residents clean up after EF-1 tornado strikes Holmes County

There is extreme damage in parts of Holmes County after an EF-1 tornado touched down in the area. At least two homes sustained major damage Sunday. NWS confirmed the tornado had a length of 4.8 miles and a width of 100 yards, with maximum winds of 110 mil

Target Austin: Two Minutes To Midnight

In 1960, KTBC released a short film called”Target Austin” narrated by legendary broadcaster Cactus Pryor. The film imagined a typical day in the middle of the 20th century. Until it wasn’t. “An air raid warning has been declared in this area. This means that possibly within 20 minutes the Austin area may be hit by missiles.

Who Should Warn the Public of Nuclear War?

Investigators are blaming human error for the panic-inducing false missile alert in Hawaii last month. They say it was sent out by a state emergency management worker who mistook an exercise for a real attack. At the same time, the incident has exposed what may be a more wide-spread problem: disagreement over whose job it should be to warn the public about missile attacks.

Saturday is anniversary of the deadliest Oklahoma February tornado

Even though it was bitterly cold Saturday, it was the anniversary of the deadliest Oklahoma February tornado, the Lone Grove EF-4. The Lone Grove tornado hit after sunset, at 7:30 p.m., killing 8 Oklahomans. This tornado is the deadliest February tornado for Oklahoma and the 7th deadliest Oklahoma tornado since the 1950s.

Iran’s radical Islamic government will likely not stay in power for long

The anti-American, radical Islamic theocracy that rules Iran with an iron fist today will likely not be able to hold onto power for much longer. Right now Iran is a ticking time bomb that will explode without a systemic and transformational reform of its economy.

An Indian-Russian supersonic missile could be a problem for China

Potential sales of the BrahMos are concerning for Beijing, said Sameer Patil, director of the Centre for International Security at Mumbai-based think-tank Gateway House. The missile “will significantly upgrade military capabilities of any country buying it,” he warned. “This is particularly true for some Southeast Asian countries, which have a territorial dispute with China.”

Severe Weather Week: Tornado Safety

All week the FOX 5 Storm Team is noting Georgia Severe Weather Preparedness Week, and the need for Georgian to be prepared now ahead of a severe storm. Each day has a different theme. Wednesday’s is Tornado Safety.. Although tornadoes can occur during anytime of the year here in the South, spring in Georgia is the main tornado season.

Olympics 2018: Drills held in Pyeongchang prepare for threats of terrorism, war

When Pyeongchang was awarded the 2018 Winter Olympic Games more than seven years ago, tensions in this region were much lower and North Korea did not have nuclear weapons thought capable of hitting the United States. But the situation here is now very different, as security concerns involve everything from terrorism to war.

Cyber Advisory Board Experts on Threats to the U.S. Grid

Cipher Brief Cyber Advisory Board members offer their views on threats to the U.S. power grid, as interviewed by Cipher Brief Publisher and CEO Suzanne Kelly. Former Deputy Secretary of State Robert Work, a member of The Cipher Brief’s Cyber Advisory Board, says potential attacks on the U..S power grid would most likely come in …

Remembering the Union tornado 10 years later

Former Union University President Dr. David Dockery feels like he can remember every detail about Feb. 5, 2008. Ten years later, many minute facets are still clear to him. “It was a sunny day, beautiful, 70 degrees … the students at Union were wearing shorts to class,” Dockery said.