Kansas prominent in list of Top 10 tornadoes

A recently released list of the 10 largest tornadoes on record has more Kansas tornadoes on it than any other state. Most Kansans know about one of the three, but the other two may be a surprise. The list was created by Brandon Molyneaux, a student at Millersville University who has been studying weather for five years.

‘There’s a war coming,’ Marine Corps general warns US troops

A Marine Corps commandant on Thursday warned U.S. troops stationed in Norway to be prepared for a coming war. “I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Gen. Robert Neller told them. “You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

Update: Tornado confirmed from Wednesday’s storms

Wednesday’s storm system that brought rain and storms to Alabama produced a tornado as well. The National Weather Service in Birmingham said Thursday afternoon that an EF-0 tornado — the weather service called it a “bottom of the barrel EF-0” — touched down Wednesday in Randolph County in east-central Alabama.

What Would a Saudi-Iran War Look Like? Don’t look now, but it is already here

Next month, this column will be moving to another platform. But before we go, in celebration of eight happy and productive years at Foreign Policy , here are the most popular items ever to run on the Best Defense.

Fresh Europe terror warning on Jihadi children

BRITAIN’S top spies have warned the UK and Europe will soon be hit by a wave of hardened terrorists as holdout foreign fighters and their children leave Syria and Iraq. In a chilling message delivered to British parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, MI5 officers said hundreds of UK foreign fighters and possibly thousands from the rest of Europe were likely to soon return home from the Middle East.

A tornado smashed through Chesapeake months ago. A church and neighborhood still haven’t recovered.

CHESAPEAKE Real Life Church on Centerville Road had just completed a major renovation, adding a suite of second-floor rooms, an elevator and new HVAC systems. That day, March 31, the children’s director put up a bulletin board and dusted off her hands. That was the last of the post-renovation work needed to finish off the youth areas.

Iran is provoking conventional war, but can it afford one?

An Iranian missile fired at Riyadh sheds light on an important dynamic in the region, writes Mohammed Alyahya

Trump to Boost U.S. Missile Defense to Combat Iranian, N. Korean WMD Threats

The Trump administration will designate domestic U.S. missile defense as a “priority action” as part of its forthcoming National Security Strategy, or NSS, according to draft language viewed by the Washington Free Beacon that singles out Iranian and North Korean missile threats as a direct danger to the American homeland.

The 8 biggest global threats to watch in 2018

2017 saw a number of predictions on global security become reality. Now, with 2017 coming to a close, many people are wondering what 2018’s biggest global threats will be. The Council on Foreign Relations recently released their list of the top global threats to watch in 2018 and it covers brewing crises around the world.

Law of the Jungle: US soldiers learning new skills for new threats

They are scenes reminiscent of the Vietnam War and the Pacific Theater during World War II: U.S. soldiers, caked with mud and dripping wet from monsoon rains, quietly traversing thick jungle brush. But instead of southeast Asia, these are the Hawaiian jungles northwest of Honolulu, where the U.S.