Viewer video: Tornado appears to touch down near Aurora airport

Viewer video of an apparent tornado near the Aurora airport on Oct. 12, 2017 (Courtesy: Linda Guttormsen)

Top North Korean officials in missile program missing from recent celebrations, report says

Two key officials involved in North Korea’s nuclear and missile program were reportedly nowhere to be seen during public events this week, fueling speculation that another missile launch or nuke test could be imminent.

Tornado confirmed in Tryon; surveillance camera video released

New surveillance video, just released by the town of Tryon shows the impact of the confirmed EF1 tornado that hit the town on Sunday. The video shows the wind pickup up and the rain and leaves starting to swirl.The video stops as the camera loses power. Th

U.S. greenlights new missiles for Japan amid nuclear threats from North Korea

The U.S. has moved closer to selling dozens of state-of-the-art missiles to Japan as part of President Donald Trump’s pledge to boost military support for Pacific allies opposed to nuclear-armed North Korea. The State Department’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Wednesday it would back the Japanese government’s request for up to 56 AIM 120C-7 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs).


Be ‘weather aware’ of tornado threat from Hurricane Nate during game time, forecasters say

CLOSE Hurricane Nate’s latest track spares the Big Bend, but emergency planners worry the storm could span multiple tornadoes as far as Tallahassee, about the time FSU football is scheduled to kick off against the University of Miami. Tornadoes and fans filing into Doak Campbell stadium for a sold out 3:30 p.m.


North Korea preparing long-range missile test: RIA cites Russian lawmaker

MOSCOW (Reuters) – North Korea is preparing to test a long-range missile which it believes can reach the west coast of the United States, a Russian lawmaker just returned from a visit to Pyongyang was quoted as saying on Friday.


Enterprising businesses are offering highly customisable options for the discerning survivalist.

Doomsday shelters are not a modern invention. Burrowing underground to hide from danger is an animal instinct, and humans have been constructing their own versions of underground safe houses since the 1800s. However, it wasn’t until the Cold War made an all-out nuclear catastrophe seem horrifyingly imminent that bunkers really took off, and nowhere more so than in Switzerland.

The Swiss government mandated that every building constructed after 1960 had to have a nuclear bunker underground, and it’s still a legal requirement, despite the efforts of some politicians. Other countries such as Finland, Austria and South Korea have followed suit with less stringent requirements for underground shelters – but for the rest of the world, it’s largely up to individuals to decide whether to splash out. (more…)

A bomb shelter for your backyard or basement? (photos)

Doomsdayers have been around since the first Neanderthal rolled a protective boulder in front of his cave. Since the 1950s, preppers have been stocking bug-out shelters with supplies and frightened homeowners have been digging survival shelters. Is a bomb shelter right for your backyard or basement?

Bunker building business booming in North Texas

The Trump administration’s increased military strikes might cause fear for some but it means big bucks from one North Texas man.Clyde Scott of Rising S Company in Murchison says there’s a three-month backlog for his subterranean shelters. His most common i

Bunker Buyers Bet on Surviving Nuke Attack

With a tensions mounting on the Korean peninsula to levels not seen in more than half a century, sales of private bunkers continue to go through the roof. Gary Lynch, General Manager of Rising S Bunkers, says his customers believe the well-prepared will survive a nuclear attack. “Just because a