Putin’s threat to attack US troops

MOSCOW has threatened the US with direct assaults on its troops in Syria as it prepares to assist President Assad in his final push to defeat pro-democracy rebels in that country. Pro-Assad Syrian troops, supported by Iranian and Russian forces, have begun their assault on the last rebel stronghold, the province of Idlib.

Russia accuses the Trump administration of using threats and blackmail to stop an upcoming offensive in Syria

Russian officials lashed out at Washington Tuesday for threatening to bomb Syria if the Assad government uses chemical weapons during a planned offensive in the province of Idlib. On Monday, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton said that the U.S. would hit the Middle Eastern country harder than it ever had before.

Wray warns current terrorism threat in US is ‘everywhere’

FBI Director Christopher Wray said that 17 years after the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, the terror threat has spread across the country and is propelled by social media. “People think of the 9/11 threat, they think New York, they think DC.

Hurricane Florence Tracker: Storm strengthens to Category 4, SC coast to be evacuated

Hurricane Florence has quickly strengthened to a powerful Category 4 storm Monday as it takes aim at the East Coast, packing maximum sustained winds near 130 mph. The storm will likely make landfall Thursday and governors of several Southeast states are urging residents to prepare. About 1 million

Wealthy Americans ship doomsday bunkers to New Zealand – report

New Zealand has attracted a range of wealthy Americans in recent years, including billionaire hedge-fund manager Julian Robertson who bought a lodge in Queenstown where he lived for a year with his family. There’s also ex-NBC host Matt Lauer and entrepreneur Peter Thiel who purchased sections of paradise there.

Floorplans, Video Walkthrough of Luxury Underground Bomb Shelters – Core77

The last time we looked at luxury end-of-the-world shelters was with Vivos Group’s communal model. That was where you pony up 35 grand and basically share an underground five-star hotel with 79 other people. But the well-heeled among you may prefer your own digs, and for that you’d turn to Texas-based Rising S Bunkers.

Alleged North Korean spy charged with 2014 hacking of Sony, bank theft, WannaCry cyberattack

WASHINGTON – The Department of Justice announced charges Thursday against an alleged North Korean spy in connection with the 2014 cyberattacks on Sony Pictures, the theft of $81 million from a bank and launching malware that crippled hundreds of thousands of computers.

AI is ‘bigger threat’ than climate change or terrorism, scientist warns | TheINQUIRER

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is a bigger threat to humanity than climate change or terrorism, the incoming president of the British Science Association has claimed. Professor Jim Al-Khalili has warned that without concerted action by the government, industry and academia, AI could end up “uncontrolled and unregulated”, with development monopolised by just a few powerful companies.

Hacking, cyberattacks now the biggest threat to U.S., Trump’s Homeland Security chief warns

Cyberweapons and sophisticated hacking pose a greater threat to the United States than the risk of physical attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Wednesday while urging state election officials to add more safeguards to their voting systems. In a speech timed to next week’s anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and amid worries about interference in coming U.S.

Tropical Storm Gordon Poised to Hit Gulf Coast as a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Gordon was poised to become the first hurricane to threaten the continental United States this year as it gathered strength in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.