Turkey, Russia sign deal on supply of S-400 missiles

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey and Russia on Friday signed an accord for Moscow to supply Ankara with S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries, Turkish authorities said, finalizing a deal set to deepen military ties between NATO member Turkey and the Kremlin.

Iran unveils new fighter jet with Washington in mind

Iran displayed a new fighter jet Tuesday, saying it comes with advanced avionics and fire control systems and will enhance its deterrence capabilities in confronting Washington. The aircraft is dubbed Kowsar, which in Islamic meaning refers to a river in paradise and is also the title of a chapter in the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

Severe weather moves east with damaging winds, flash flooding

A large storm system responsible for seven tornadoes and over 5 inches of rain in the Plains over the weekend is bringing more severe weather and flash flooding as it moves east. Flash flood watches are issued from Wisconsin all the way down to the Gulf Coast.

‘Nomad terror’ the next big threat?

Sudanese immigrant identified in London car ramming attack; former member of Israel’s special operations counter-terrorist unit Aaron Cohen reacts.

China ‘training for strikes’ on US targets

China’s military “is likely training for strikes” against US and allied targets in the Pacific, a Pentagon report warns. The annual report to Congress says China is increasing its ability to send bomber planes further afield. The report highlights its increasing military capability, including defence spending estimated at $190bn (£150bn) – a third that of the US.

Al Qaeda at 30 shows signs of resurgence after ISIS routed

Thirty years after its founding on Aug. 11, 1988, Al Qaeda is showing signs of a resurgence following ISIS’s near-defeat in Iraq and Syria, experts warn. Al Qaeda shares the same long term goals as ISIS, but is pursuing them more slowly and carefully, Jennifer Cafarella, intelligence planner with the Institute for the Study of War, told FoxNews.com.

The San Onofre nuclear plant is a ‘Fukushima waiting to happen’

Southern California Edison is keeping 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant in San Clemente. The waste poses a significant threat to the health, safety and economic vitality of the region’s more than 8 million residents. But Edison’s plan for storing it is unnerving at best.

Trump signs defense bill named for John McCain

President Trump on Monday signed a $716 billion defense policy bill named for ailing Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain. The measure signed by Trump will boost military pay by 2.6 percent, the largest hike in nine years.

North Korea threatens to stall denuclearization in warning to US

North Korea on Thursday threatened to stall the denuclearization of its missile program if the U.S. continues to abide by an “outdated acting script” amid Washington’s calls to enforce sanctions against the regime.

U.S. Unveils Plans For Space Force To Counter Russia, China ‘Threat’

Vice President Mike Pence, citing threats from Russia and China, has presented details of plans to create a U.S. Space Force by 2020 that would become the sixth branch of the military. “Time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces” and to prepare for “the next battlefield,” Pence told an audience at the Pentagon on August 9.