Russia Anticipating Nuclear War?



Four hundred square miles of a massive underground complex has been identified in the Ural Mountains.

The Russians have never stopped making preparations for nuclear war in which most Americans are oblivious to. Meanwhile, our US government just sits back and does NOTHING to prepare their very own citizens from such an attack. Our government assumption seems to be that a nuclear attack will ‘’probably’’ never happen, but in all reality they know it will, and that if it does happen it will probably be the end of civilization as we know it anyways. That’s how our government looks at a nuclear attack in the US. Truth be told though they are fully aware that it’s not a matter of ‘’if’’ it’s a matter of ‘’when’’. Sadly most Americans aren’t even interested in hearing the facts. They actually aren’t interested in this kind of stuff at all!

In today’s time 81% of Russians have a very negative opinion of the US. Our interference with the conflict in the Ukraine has made the Russians extremely angry. In which there are many people over there now that strongly believe a shooting war with the United States of America is inevitable. So you tell me as an American, shouldn’t we start preparing ourselves too, as well as all of our fellow Americans?… I think the answer to that question is YES we should, and we should start NOW while we still have time.

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