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Panic Rooms (room fortification) can be a little more elaborate in the engineering and in the implementation.  Because of the need for panic rooms to be concealed, we will need to survey your home for the best panic room solution.  Sometimes we can find an existing room that serves as a good location for the fortification process and in other instances we may need to add an additional room to the home’s perimeter. Because these projects are different from one location to the next, you’ll need to consult with our representatives before we can provide pricing.  Panic rooms are a fantastic way to bring added security to your home.


Panic Rooms and  Safe Rooms can be outfitted with almost anything you want. Common upgrades include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Storage Shelving
  • High-Voltage Power
  • Additional LED Lighting
  • Generators
  • Back-Up Power Systems (12v Solar)
  • Bunk Beds
  • Infrared Surveillance System
  • Toilet / Restroom
  • Gun Racks/Gun Vault
  • Escape Hatch or Escape tunnel
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Kevlar Lining
  • Independently Powered Communication Systems


Minimum credit score of 700 is needed.

Terms available up to 12 years and as low as 4.9% interest.
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Above Ground Safe Rooms

Our tornado shelters and safe rooms are a great safety solution for residential homes with limited space.  Although nothing rivals being underground in storms or dangerous situations; these shelters are as good as it gets for above ground safety and security. Above ground tornado shelters and safe rooms are specially designed to protect your family from danger whether from a home invasion or due to extreme weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes or high winds. All our above ground solid steel shelters are made better and stronger than anything else on the market, are certified by Texas Tech (see video above) and have received their highest rating for high winds, debris and tornadoes.

Starting with thicker and stronger materials; the walls, ceiling and floors are all made from quarter inch plate steel and the frame work uses quarter inch steel tubing.  Our steel is twice as thick as the industry standard for stand-alone safe rooms.  Additionally, every wall, every ceiling and every floor is constructed from a single piece of plate steel.  There are no bolted seams in our units.  The only seams you find in our safe rooms will be where the walls meet with the other walls, the floor or the ceiling. To add additional strength, every seam is completely welded edge to edge.  This technique in engineering minimizes potential points of failure and strengthens the structure.

There is very little overall difference between a tornado shelter and a safe room with regards to construction. Both are built from bullet resistant 1/4 inch plate steel, and fail safe all steel doors and both serve the same purpose; to keep you safe. The biggest differences are in how the unit is equipped inside.  In the case of “tornado shelters” the units are pretty basic, having only the basic necessities for short-term occupancy (LED light, bench seats and ventilation).  In contrast, a “panic room” is usually designed as a place to retreat to in case of intruders. Panic rooms are usually built with thicker steel and have additional features like an independent power supply, communications systems, Kevlar lining, secondary escape exits, gun vaults etc…  Panic rooms are also usually hidden inside the home behind false shelves or walls where a safe room is usually bolted to the floor of a garage or on the patio.

Tornado shelters are typically built as stand-alone units and designed be bolted to your foundation ensuring they will not overturn or uplift even if the rest of the residence that surrounds it is destroyed.  They are built to withstand it all, from extreme winds and wind-borne objects to small arms ammunition. A Rising S storm shelter is the best above ground safety solution on the market.

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