Need a storm shelter for large groups or a business?

We also offer a much larger “super” storm shelter to provide refuge for large groups of people during storms or tornadoes.  Perfect for schools, business’ large and small, town halls, recreation centers, police and fire departments, oilfield crews or any other scenario where large groups of people may need shelter in the face of nature’s forces.  There is no safer place to be during violent storms than underground.


Let us introduce you to the SUPER SHELTER!

“Super Shelters” come in a variety of sizes and can be installed in almost any location.  These shelters can hold hundreds of people at once and be a saving grace to a student body or your staff.  LED lighting and 4 rows of bench seating make the super shelter a very comfortable place to ride out the storm. They can be engineered to be wheelchair and handicap accessible, and they can be upgraded to have a centralized unlocking system for scenarios where there are multiple shelters located apart from one another.







Super Shelter Construction  Super Shelter Construction - 2

Regulations and federal requirements.

RSC tornado shelters exceed every FEMA requirement set fourth in the 320 & 361 guidelines as well as the 2008 standards from ICC500/FEMA.  The shelter’s specially engineered design uses  the high winds to it’s advantage by allowing nature’s force to increase it’s virtual weight. No matter how violent the winds – the shelter will not budge.. Effectively it weighs 110,000+ pounds in 350+ mph winds. This greatly exceeds the 250 mph minimum required by FEMA as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers wind loads on structures guidelines.The Rising S tornado super shelter is designed to last generations.   These storm shelters provide the first line of defense to your work crew, staff, student body and business assets during chaotic storms.  Call us today to discuss options associated with the super storm shelter.  You never know when mother nature will roar…. all you can do is prepare.  It’s not a matter of “IF” storms will come, but rather a matter of “WHEN”.