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Every single shelter we build is custom built for the client so every inch of the final product is engineered to specifically meet your needs.  Although our standard residential sizes range from 4’x8′ – 8’x10′; we custom fabricate our storm shelters to any floor plan or layout you like!  This ensures we make the client completely happy and satisfied with the purchase. Every shelter we build is fabricated from 1/4″ steel to ensure strength and durability.

Our most affordable residential storm shelter starts at $9,500.  This price includes free delivery & installation for the Dallas & Ft. Worth areas.
Please contact us for additional storm shelter pricing.
4 x 8 – (6 people)
6 x 8 – (8 people)
8 x 8 – (12 people)
8 x 10 – (14 people)


Standard storm shelters are pretty basic coming with a staircase, bench seating and ventilation for fresh air. Although the upgrades are endless with our steel storm shelters, we’ve listed some of the most commonly upgraded features below:

  • Extended/Gradual Staircases for  the elderly or disabled.
  • Handicap Accessible Entrances / Ramps
  • Storage Shelves or Safes
  • Generators
  • Solar Panels
  • Bunk Beds
  • Water / Sinks
  • LED Lighting
  • Restrooms /Toilet (composting or traditional)
  • Weather/Emergency Radio
  • Remote Locking Systems / Additional Security
  • Secondary Exits

Our steel structured storm shelters come with a rubberized exterior coating which makes them last for generations. When you use steel combined with our specialized coating, there is no more worrying about typical problems associated with underground shelters. (corrosion, cracks, mold, moisture or collapses)  With our steel shelters there is also no unsightly 3ft hill in your yard that you can’t mow. These shelters sit below the earth’s surface and are by far the SAFEST option in a tornado or extreme weather.

The units pictured below are the most common storm shelter designs available in every size (ranging from 4×8 to 10×50).  Our standard tornado shelter includes staircases for easy access.


storm-shelter-steel-2    steel-storm-shelter-1     TornadoShelter-SuperShelt

9-SteelStormShelter  storm-shelter-hatch  storm-shelter-staircase2

4  6

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