Tornado Shelters for Schools

With tornado season quickly approaching, we can’t help but remember recent tragedies in schools that have occurred in recent years. These tragedies have sparked movements to get protection from severe weather in the schools that are the highest risk. Alabama has passed laws saying that every new school built must have a storm shelter (following the events in Joplin Missouri that demolished 6 schools). People in Oklahoma want storm shelters in every school, but their efforts are stalled due to funding issues.

The schools that can afford it, have been reinforcing gymnasiums and also classrooms through their campuses. Reinforcing existing structure for tornadoes is better then nothing. However, the problem with above ground reinforced structures is that they can’t protect against the strongest tornadoes, and they can’t protect against large wind borne debris such as a school bus. The strongest tornadoes can hurl extremely large objects through the air. A school bus can weigh 30,000 lbs making it an extremely dangerous missile that can cause major damage to any structure including reinforced concrete.

A good alternative to above ground shelters are underground super shelters. The cost of an underground super shelter are less expensive than above ground while being able to offer more protection. Underground super storm shelters is the most logical decision for tornado shelters, especially for schools.

Tornado Shelters for Residences


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