Why Steel Bunkers From Rising S Bunkers Are Your Best Choice

When treated with our durable exterior coating, steel shelters have very little maintenance issues and last much longer than the other options. It will not crack, collapse, mildew or mold. Steel will expand and contract as the ground changes with temperature fluctuations. Rising S shelters are installed to be underground . There are no 3 ft hills to be an eyesore in your yard.  This adds unmatchable safety to our product by insulating the shelter from wind borne objects and high winds.. We can build the shelter to your exact specifications, making it as comfortable as your living room and as safe as a vault.  In a situation that calls for your family to take refuge in a shelter, you don’t want to worry about mold, mildew or possible collapse. You want the safest and least problematic shelter, you want the best – therefore you want a Rising S shelter.
Below is a summary of the benefits of a RSC steel bunker:

  • RSC steel bunkers undergo a stringent quality inspection
  • RSC steel bunkers are often times more affordable than other manufacturers
  • RSC steel bunkers won’t crack during the dry/wet seasons
  • RSC steel bunkers can be buried at ANY depth.
  • RSC steel bunkers are earthquake safe
  • RSC steel bunkers are coated with an exterior waterproof coating ensuring the shelter will last for generations.
  • RSC steel bunkers use electromagnetic cathodic technology to prevent rust
  • RSC steel bunkers have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • RSC steel bunkers are built by like-minded preppers who value your confidentiality
  • RSC steel bunkers are designed, built, delivered, and installed by Rising S Company (RSC) ONLY
  • RSC steel bunkers can be designed to withstand any caliber firearm
  • RSC steel bunkers are built with space utilization and storage in mind
  • RSC steel bunkers are only built from the highest grade materials
  • RSC steel bunkers are built from engineered designs
  • RSC steel bunkers WILL act as your first line of defense during a time of chaos