There are no shortage of bunker/bomb shelter companies today. With the economy in such disrepair and political tensions building globally, these mounting stresses have many people considering purchasing an underground bomb shelter. However purchasing a bunker isn’t exactly like buying a new car. You can’t open the news paper and get the latest reviews on bunkers or ask your neighbor how they like their underground bomb shelter. This is a purchase is one that requires time and research. We have compiled a list of bunker concepts, designs and risky shelters that we feel every consumer should attempt to avoid. That being said; we also understand that not everyone has the financial flexibility to buy the best and newest model on the market. Prepping is about working with what you have and making it last. In the realm of being prepared, we highly encourage everyone to do what they can to the fullest extent of your means. . Any preparation is better than no preparation. We at Rising S simply offer this list as a buyers guide to bunkers/bomb shelters. Learn what you’re buying and what to expect when it comes to maintaining it. Be ready my friends; “failure to prepare is preparing to fail“.


We offer the best underground bunkers, storm shelters & safe-rooms in the market. 100% steel, fabricated by hand for customized unique specs