Many folks buy a bunker for reasons of concerns like war and terrorism.

Foreign threats

In addition to threats that are local to our region and country, many people elect to invest in a bunker because of threats on a global level.  Great numbers of people have growing concerns surrounding the instability of foreign nations having weapons of mass destruction.  Then there of course are additional concerns with regard to acts of terror against our county.


Several countries right now that pose a potential threat to us. There are many that fear the instability of North Korea, Syria, Russia and China is leading toward a tipping point. Many people believe it’s only a matter of time until world war 3 occurs.  These are people who are currently following  world events and what is really happening on the other side of the pond.   The same mounting political tensions which led to the first bunker “craze” starting in the 60’s and lasted through the cold war of the 80’s seems to be the very cause for concern today.


Many people choose to buy a bunker because of increasing risk of war.


A newer issue for Americans is terrorism.  Largely sparked in response to the 911 attacks; the wounds from that event ran deep and are branded on the mind of every American. Terrorists cells have focused attacks on civilian events and gatherings striking fear and uncertainty into the hearts of every family. Terrorist are tenacious and harder to fight against then a tangible government.  No longer do we only worry about corrupt governments and warring nations but now citizens are worried about a dirty bomb terrorism attack only miles from their homes. Every year, radioactive material is stolen all over the world legitimizing fears about the potential threat of dirty bomb technology. Take a look at this article about recent thefts and incidents involving nuclear material

Terrorism doesn’t stop with guerrilla soldiers wielding chemical weapons. Our power grid has become the “hot-topic” point of discussion for every American prepper.  The power grid is very vulnerable to a terrorist attack and if attacked – it could easily turn into a major life threatening issue leading to civil unrest.

Many people have rational fears of terrorism and choose to buy a bunker.

How can a bunker help you against a threat of war or terror?

Having e a safe place underground to retreat and protect yourself is a huge reason to buy a bunker. You are far safer in a steel underground bunker then you are a home with a wood frame. A bunker can be outfitted with an NBC air filtration system protecting you against nuclear, biological and chemical containments in the air you breathe. Our underground bunker should also contain a blast valve, which will keep you safe from extreme pressure changes caused by a nearby warhead detonation. In addition to the huge advantages gained in security and shelter; a bunker also provides a safe place to stockpile food, water and other necessities. A bunker from Rising S Bunkers can provide you with a place to lay low while chaos ensues due to war and terrorism.