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Rising S is not only the biggest steel shelter/bunker manufacturer in America, we’re the best.

Engineering is as important as any other factor when it comes to building your underground shelter and the team at Rising S Company has you covered. That is why all of our underground shelters are built from our proven and engineered designs. Rising S Company has the ability to design, engineer and build shelters to be compliant with any and all codes and has experience in all 50 states as well as Mexico, Canada, and many other foreign countries.


Rising S Company has engineering certificates available upon request, this information is held privately due to our images being copied and used elsewhere without our expressed or written permission but are available to you as a customer. You should only do business with a company that has engineered designs and is willing to provide proof of such. We value your safety as much as you do and take no shortcuts in ensuring your satisfaction as our trusted client.


Rising S Company is an ISO 2001 Certified Company.

We Deliver And Install Anywhere In The World!

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