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Rising S Bunkers Fabrication

Built To Last A Lifetime

Our employees are not only trust worthy and have years of fabricating experience,
they are like minded individuals that are also preparing their own families for what the future has in store for us.

We are the only bunker/bomb shelter builders that fabricate our own blast doors in house.
All of the others have their doors made by some off site company.

Every Bunker We Build Has:

  • Staggered Welds For Structural Integrity
  • Completely Welded Seams
  • Engineer Approved Designs
  • Exceed All FEMA Shelter Specs Against Tornadoes
  • Designs Engineered To Exceed Roof Loads of 350,000 lbs
  • 150 Year Exterior Coating Designed For Saltwater Submersion

Our fabricators are the best in the business and in accordance with that; we provide a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship.

Our quality of fabrication and quality of material is unlike any other bunker company. If you could walk through one of our bunkers, you would notice that everything is made of steel. Nothing bends when you apply pressure to it.  If you where to walk through any other company’s bunker, you would see that the metal is not as thick, you would see far less support throughout the entire bunker. In other company’s bunkers you will find that they use material like wood and drywall. In a bunker from Rising S Bunkers you will see that everything that could be made of high quality steel, is made of high quality American Steel. We don’t compromise your safety and security just to put a few extra dimes in our pocket.

We Deliver And Install Anywhere In The World!

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