FAQ's - Rising S Bunkers
Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this FAQs page to answer the questions that hear the most about our bunkers, storm shelters, safe rooms, and bomb shelters. Feel free to ask us anything you would like to know about our bunkers and other emergency shelters.

1. How do I know if whom I am choosing a reputable builder?

A reputable builder normally has their own crew and be able to give to a definite quote on the cost to install. Anyone that charges you a daily rate, airfare etc does not have enough experience in the industry to feel comfortable with their own judgement calls. The installer should also be employed by the shelter manufacturer or you can get into sticky situation where the manufacturer blames his failed product on the installer and vice versa.

2. Are you going to bring a film crew to my location?

Rising S Bunkers has offers on a daily basis requesting access to install locations and requests for client interviews and promises for reality TV fame. We will 100% of the time decline this request. We believe in our product and the reason for needing one and consider it not only disrespectful to ask a customer for such but find the thought of bringing a film crew to your location not only reckless but downright absurd. A reputable builder will not be looking for clients to be on TV. Nothing good can come from your secret being filmed.

3. Do you deliver to my area?

Rising S Bunkers delivers and installs shelters anywhere in the world that we have trade agreements. We have installed shelters in Venezuela, UK, Germany, UAE, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and many other destinations around the world.

4. Do you use local people to install my shelter?

Absolutely not. Everyone on our installation team works at Rising S Bunkers full time, year-round and has gone through extensive background checks prior to being allowed on our install crew.

5. Does the price include installation?

No, it does not. This is due to the many areas and scenarios we face. Our sales team can give you an accurate quote within minutes of knowing your location and details.

7. Do I need a permit?

This is a slippery slope in some situations. Rising S Bunkers will always help you obtain a permit if one is needed but will NEVER ask for proof that you have obtained one.

8. Can you conceal my installation?

Absolutely, while we will not discuss these techniques openly we have hundreds of ways of keeping your project a secret even in very public areas.

9. Are your products engineered?

Yes, our products have undergone the scrutiny of many various engineers without fail.

10. Can you help with my overall project including the home design to help conceal my entrance?

Yes, we have a lot of experience with this and are always happy to assist.

11. Can I have the original records back?


12. Do you keep a data log of my shelter location and details?

No, we do not.

13. Can I design my own interior layout and size?

Yes, you may.

14. What should I look for in a quality shelter?

Engineered design, 100% welded throughout, clean and neat wiring, clean and neat plumbing and a good warranty. You should also steer clear of shelters that use wood for the interior building as these materials will rot, are flammable and will hold mold spores, bacteria etc. Many shelter manufacturers will show the same shelter pictures over and over or pictures of the interior of homes in hopes to fool a client into spending money with them. Do not be fooled by animated pictures that are not for illustration purposes only.

15. Do you use galvanized materials?

Absolutely not. Galvanization is a very unhealthy product that gives off poisonous gases when it gets hot. Rising S Shelters are coated in a proprietary product that is safe for even potable water. No coal tar epoxies should be used either as they have been linked directly to many types of cancers and banned in many states.

16. If I buy a turn-key shelter from you what will I need to supply?

A place to install the shelter, a supply of water (well, municipal supply or water tank).

17. What comes with your standard shelters?

Bunk Mattresses, Stove, Water Heater, All Bed Frames, Interior Walls/Doors/Hardware, All Plumbing Fixtures, Sinks, Water Filtrations, Toilet, Shower, Shelving, Solar Charging System, Battery/Batteries, TV/DVD Player, Surveillance Cameras, LED Lighting, All Electrical, Cabinets, Sofa and Dining Table (When equipped), NBC Air Filtration plus many more items. All you will need once completely installed and ready to go are your personal items and foods.

18. Do you offer a warranty?

Rising S Shelters have a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects.