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NBC Air Filtration Systems

Cutting Edge NBC Air Filtration Solutions

An NBC Fresh Air System built by Rising S Bunkers offers you a “Peace Of Mind In Uncertain Times”.How it works:
Outside air is pulled into the ventilation duct and first enters the ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter. An ULPA filter can remove from the air at least 99.999% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 120 nanometers (0.12 micron) or larger. This will include nuclear fallout dust particles, infection and contamination by airborne microorganisms such as molds and spores.

The Next Step To Clean Breathable Air:

The Still contaminated air now enters an Activated Charcoal Filter containing 100% ASZM-TEDA™ Carbon which is Calgon Carbon’s military-use impregnated carbon. It is also used in the industrial environment for first responder masks designed to protect against cyanide, cyanogens chloride (CK), and a variety of other harmful gases. 100% ASZM-TEDA Carbon is the only grade of carbon that meets United States Military specifications. ASZM-TEDA™ is named for its impregnates: copper (A), silver (S), zinc (Z), molybdenum (M), and triethylenediamine (TEDA). This versatile carbon is designed to protect against many of the chemical weapons the government lists as potential homeland threats such as Nerve Agents, Vesicants (Blister Agents) and Blood/Choking Agents. Air now enters your 12 volt ventilation blower and enters your already clean environment and is ready to enter the lungs of you and your loved ones. We chose to use 12 Volt DC Power because it is considered more stable than our current electrical grid and will still offer you protection even when the grid is down as well as offer quiet operation in enclosed spaces. Our standard system offers enough fresh air for up to 15 adult occupants per Israeli Standards. Custom NBC systems can be built to accomodate as many people as necessary.

What Else We Offer:

  • Over Pressure Valve to create a Positive Pressure Environment to ensure that you only breathe clean filtered air.
  • Blast Proof Ducting
  • Lifetime warranty against everything. Even if a dog chews it up, we will replace your unit.
  • Auxiliary Ventilation System
  • Blast Proof Valves to ensure a nearby explosion does not force unfiltered and dangerous air into your clean air environment that not only protects against positive pressures but negative pressures as well.
  • Durable and specially designed Air Handler Filter Housing with extended platform for ease of upright placement.
  • Cutting Edge Technology in Filtration Medias
  • Replacement/Additional Filters

You can rest assured knowing that only the highest quality of parts and labor go into each and every system that we sell and we have a meticulous quality control inspection of each and every unit before it leaves our facility because we know that a RS Filtration System is your “First Line Of Defense”.

NBC Filtration Contact Information
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Fax: (903) 498-4797

Email: bunkerfilters@gmail.com

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