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What Is A Multi-Family Shelter?

There are Multi-Family Shelters that are on the market that allow you to purchase a spot for your family to live during dire situations along with thousands of other strangers. There are several types of Multi-Family shelters, some are giant cavern like places where you buy a place to park an RV, and others have private living quarters. However we feel like all of these “Multi-Family” shelters are bad ideas.

Fundamental Problems With A Multi-Family Shelter

You are living with strangers that you just can’t trust. They aren’t just your neighbors, you are relying on them for your family’s survival. It gets harder and harder to trust individual people these days,  you would have to multiply that by the thousands. You cannot remain self-sufficient when you are relying on a Multi-Family shelter for your survival. Disease can spread inside a Multi-Family shelter. What if the reason you are seeking shelter is that a pandemic is sweeping the world? A Multi-Family shelter fails miserably for that type of situation. You have no control of decisions made inside a Multi-Family shelter. Can you have a gun? Can your stranger neighbor have a gun? How much water are you allowed a day? Can you come and go as you please? Who resolves disputes? If you decide on a Multi-Family shelter, you will have to sacrifice your liberty to decide for yourself what’s best for you and your family.

Your security is dependent upon a stranger. Who is the security here? Are they the security guards who work at the mall, or are they police officers? Multi-Family Shelters Locations are known by Thousands. When the civil unrest ensues, and people are looting, clawing and scratching their way to find survival, they are going to be drawn to the beacon of hope. Thousands of people hell bent on survival will find a way into “the oasis”. By joining a Multi-Family shelter you are putting a big red target on your head.

Rising S Bunkers creates an underground bunker with your privacy in mind. We manufacture bunkers totally in house, from design to fabrication, delivery and installation we do not use local contractors who know where your location is. After all, you are only as safe as the secrecy of your location. Multi-Family  Shelters are often just covered structures that were never designed to be bunkers. There are Multi-Family shelters that are converted caverns that where once used to store flour. Yup, flour. If it’s good enough for flour it must be good enough for you. Can you even get to a Multi-Family shelter?  There is only a small amount of Multi-Family shelters in the country, so more than likely you would have to travel a great distance to get to them. If you are seeking refuge because of an epic disaster, then how likely will it be that you can travel the roadways (or airways) safely? Will the Multi-Family shelter be available when you need it? Who will staff the Multi-Family shelter? Is the Multi-Family shelter ready for you right now? Are they really going to abandon their family to obligate their prior agreement to serve you? So, if you are fleeing an epic disaster and you think you will be saved by a Multi-Family shelter, you are really jumping from the frying pan into the fire.   Why and Underground bunker is a better solution than a Mulit-Family Shelter. An underground bunker in your backyard (or other location) is by far a better choice than a Multi-Family shelter. They are always there and waiting for you when you need it the most. Your family’s safety will not have to rest to the decisions of a complete stranger.  An underground bunker from Rising S Bunkers can provide you with a discrete way for you to live off the grid.

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