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Rising S Company offers custom bunker cabinets to suit your storage solution needs. These custom aluminum cabinets create a home like atmosphere in your bunker while adding another layer of protection to your supplies. Our cabinets are created in house so you can have peace in mind about the top notch craftsmanship.


Aluminum cabinets as opposed to steel shelving will bring a comfortable atmosphere to your bunker. When you are in a situation where you are seeking shelter in your bunker because of danger, the feeling of home will help your loved ones feel more at ease. The variety in color palette will bring life to your unit and provide the creature comforts of home.

Durable Custom Cabinetry

Every cabinet is created within Rising S Company so you can rest assured the quality of the cabinets is beyond industry standard. Only the highest quality material is used in construction of these cabinets. In addition to the quality of the cabinets; these are entirely customized to suit your needs and desires. Features might include locks, higher or lower counter tops, magnetic latches, or even pexiglass windows. Cabinets placement is not limited to the kitchen area of the unit, and they can be installed elsewhere throughout the unit.


In a situation that you need to seek shelter in your under ground bunker organization of your supplies is key. Aluminum cabinets add an additional layer of protection to your supplies rather then open shelving. The cabinets will help keep out unwanted pest and moisture and increase in making sure your precious goods are kept safe. The custom cabinetry also helps in keeping all your goods out of site in addition to keeping your storage solution sleek and clean.

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