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Xtreme Series | The Guardian $699,000

The Guardian is 2600 SqFt, 3 unit bunker complex with 3 entrances. All of the amenities of our upgrade models are included in addition to 3 hidden security doors throughout the complex allowing the occupants to covertly secure sections of the bunker if the need arises. The fallout shelter offers 3 individual living units with full bathrooms and kitchens with dining areas. These units are built with comfort in mind. It has enough room and storage to easily facilitate multiple families.

This fallout shelter includes all of the standard “UPGRADE” amenities: Bullet Resistant Door, NBC Air Filtration With Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves, Double Counter With Sink, Composting Toilet, Shelving For Food Storage, Water Pressure Pump, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Grey-Water Evacuation Tank, Grey-Water Evacuation Pump, 12 Volt LED Lighting, Solar Generation Charging System With Battery Supply, 12 Volt TV/DVD Combo, Infrared Security System, Fresh Water Inlet, 120/240 Volt Inlet, Staircase w/ Handrail, Painted Interior and Exterior Coating/Corrosion protection.

The Guardian comes equipped with:
-3 Individual Bunkers / Living Units
-5 Bedrooms
-4 Bunk Style Beds with closet areas
-3 NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves
-3 Full Bathrooms
-3 Hidden Access Security Doors
-3 Full Kitchens, complete with alcohol burning cook top stoves and plenty of storage and shelving
-3 Entrances
-1 Decontamination Room
-Security room where your infrared camera monitor and gun vault is located.

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